Is Kirin better than Tarand?

Anyone think Kirin is better than Tarand? :ear:

I’d say the mystic winds make it a lot better :laughing: But I only spent enough sigils so I could get one and have it look pretty in my den. As an E2P player, I don’t have the sigils needed to get this dragon and still finish Avyx and (hopefully) max the first page of Tor.


Obsidian > Garnet

Besides that obvious nugget, Unicorn has decent spells, both being white (War Cry :drooling_face:).


I realize its a backwards question to ask. My roster is full and was the most likely candidate to be shelved. :sob:

I finished out both pages of him for the goodies but I’ll likely only use him for feed events. I don’t see him being worthy of a roster spot. Poor event dragon… :cry:

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RBU (10char)

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Well, yeah… Is that even a question?

The fact that Tarand came from [edit] 4 seasons ago, and the power curve has grown considerably since Tarand’s release, makes Kirin stronger, numbers-wise.

As to spell selection…/shrug/

…but there is something to be said for watching your base get annihilated by an obsidian pink unicorn.

[edit]: Thanks fyreflie

I predict that Kirin will fly similar to Zamarok, but slightly better.

Both are warriors with similar base damage and the mystic winds is identical. War cry has the same effect as super heated breath, except that it stacks and SHB does not. Only down side is war cry is two rage where as SHB is 1 rage.

Basically if you like Zamarok and missed out on him or didnt get all his stones, here is your chance at a do-over.

Dude Tarand was 4 seasons ago…time flies!

I actually think that this Warrior (WOW) is kind of useful lol… :slight_smile: Get the rage drain island away and pop damage for Neptus following… Much more use then Tarand or pretty much any other warrior :slight_smile:

Thanks. :wink: It was actually before my WD time, so I was just guessing.

Three seasons ago was Sage, Abraxxas, Fae and Aster. Cant remember the Mythic. But generally a crap season. Sage was the only stand out - and he has since been nerfed to death.

Fae was the best dragon that season, still is a best sorcerer out there… Lol

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I suspect PG is intentionally trying to bring up warriors into par with hunters. Except for Necryx, the hunter offerings have been crap for the past year, a year which has seen multiple top notch warriors.

RBU (10char)

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Really? I like Avyx quite a bit.

Borgian, Avyx, Neptus are all strong hunters besides Necryx.

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I’m gonna have to watch some videos of play styles of why everyone says warriors suck and hunters rule… I’m 140 almost and prefer my warriors, Nightshade is the Hunter I do use. Warriors can take some hits while hunters take none and sorcerers can handle about 1.

Can y’all shed some light on why this hunter rules is so common?

In general, a hunter and a warrior of the same base attack power the hunter will be able to deal that damage in a quick short burst, which a warrior cannot do. This allows you to beat hammer spams. Thats really the only advantage, but its a big one.