Is my base screwed?

Hey guys,

I’m a level 48 and I did research on base building as I went along and I made some mistakes when it comes to my base. I wish I would have made my base short vs long and I wish I wouldn’t have started putting towers on the third island. I know by my level I really shouldn’t be on the third island for optimal defense but I am and I’m not sure if I screwed myself. I have seen levels 38-50 having towers go out on all of the islands to be fair so at least I’m not that far out. When I was around level 20-30 I was dumb and decided to make a bunch of level 1 archers to get more points for the fortification event :joy: I didn’t realize that this would later lead to inflation of my defense power.

So now I have at least 10-12 towers in my storage ranging from level 1-12 of archer, mages, cannons etc. I have started building on the third island but I’m planning on staying put and not building on any more islands until I’m at least in the 200s or so and just upgrading the towers I have now to try to keep my base short as possible.

Now at my level I believe the max level of most of my towers is around 19 and for best results all my towers should be at that level, but I was stupid and they’re not. Most of my towers are around 15, with some around 13-14 and I’m not sure how to catch up? I’ve done a lot of research and I plan to level up my mages, storms, flaks (not sure after update anymore) first and have those be my strongest towers. I have a red and a blue mage sitting in my storage at level 1 and I really want them on my long middle island but my defense power would really take a hit. I’m only allowed so much XP and by the time I level each of my highest towers which is my storm, flak, and mages, I’m only left with 1k-1.5k xp left to play with. Now I feel my base will never be up to its full potential. Am I able to fix this? I have a pic of my base attached. Any other base related advice is welcome too, I love learning new stuff!


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In the strategy and guide forums look foe mechengg 's base guide this should help you. You may want to hold on building somewhat while the tower fiasco settles.

Your base is not ideal (no offense). HOWEVER, you caught it much earlier than most, so kudos. So yeah, your base needs a major overhaul - but at least you’re only level 48 - you can do that a lot easier now than had you waited. @mechengg made a great base building guide that he has posted here in the forums. Learn it, love it, live it - you will be more than fine :+1::wink:


I kinda did the same on one of mine. Hard to say with the update, might negate that a lil. Guessing it will just take the “kill” out of the kill island though lol.

I started with archers and cannons, and then switched focus to the elemental kill island. (54ish iirc in pic)


I like the mages in a line like that. trips quite a few people up, and even takes out decent drags occasionally.
Id say pull your other mages out of storage and give it a shot. Kind of a quasi-rage drain that deals a bit of damage to soften up the lead, if not take it out.

At our level, it dont seem to hurt too bad to be over leveled- we need the levels to train divines.
I am almost always upgrading a normal tower (no clocks), and go nuts on the kill island with clocks during fort. (this fort was kind of a wild card though lol)

Just start over and do it right. The month or so you lose now is worth it over years of regret if you in this for the long run


Not really necessary at OP’s level.

@SuperJaiyan3 steps to rectify this:

  1. read @mechengg’s base building guide, and watch @Coach’s base building video. Both found in the strategy section.
  2. decide on the base layout you want - you basically have 3 to choose from if you read the guide and watch the video
  3. store every other tower except the highest level ones you have that match the base layout you want
  4. level ONLY the 5 towers on your kill island

You should be ‘right’ in terms of base power by about level 84-100. I was in the exact same position as you so I’ve been there done that.

Good luck!

As grumpy said.

Do a bit more reading and see what you like.

Also as a word of advice, stay away from a base layout like the one posted a few above. Having low level towers that lead up to a “powerful” island is a terrible way to build a base as that level 11 storm can simply be left alive and can be use by all future dragons to gain full rage plus some to use on your “powerful” island. That’s a hard no for me, his base would be improved if he just stored the first small island and the long to be honest 🤷

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I hate that you are right, but I just cant bring myself to build the same ol boring short base. And Im sure I will suffer because of it =)

As bad as the last update was, at least it opened the door for more variety in base building- they would all suck equally lol. Glad they are going to fix it though.

Nobody is forcing anyone to build the same ol boring base, just an fyi.

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I actually think there are a great many different tower combinations that work well together. This fort alone I’ve changed my layout 4 times to adjust and test. There are pros and cons of each - it’s really down to how you like to defend :man_shrugging:


There are a lot of variations, could there be more ? Ofc.

but the complexity should come from certain mechanic changes, which simply aren’t there yet.

I don’t want to mention them, because if they get half implemented they will simply screw everyone.

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