Is Narlyth...Bad?

So I keep hearing more and more people say that Narlyth is useless in diamond 0-0
Seems like there’ll be a bug fix rolling out on Tuesday, but can anyone who has seen one confirm or deny this sentiment?




I… I can’t. :sob:

According to the latest update, all his spells were horribly bugged. Also he is ugly. I can’t wait to get him.


There was a video of him posted on Facebook day 2 of the season if I remember right.

Narlyth is just another Hauhset; they require skill to fly. Narlyth actually might be one of the only mythic dragons so far that requires more precision and skill to fly than Hauhset. You literally have to multitask when flying as you have to keep track of WoM while trying to survive with Realty Warp and Mind Spike.


Not even close


Except Hau didn’t have to have an entire update centered around fixing her spells. I’m seriously reconsidering what may be a totally broken dragon.


So is Gig the one to go for?

Well, Gig is certainly a very powerful warrior. If used correctly he basically only takes 10% damage from flaks and beams. Very hard to kill. Also, he shoots lasers.


but narlyth hair…




How do you reckon that? 40% damage reduction means 60% normal damage. Elemental resist halves that to 30%.

What?? Narlyth shoots hair?

I suppose there’s also Evil Eye, to reduce incoming damage by 50%. Though that would presumably only bring it down to 15%.

…or maybe it’s something completely different depending on where these all interact with the buffs and gear and boosted vs unboosted damage, and so on.

Elemental resist reduces flak damage to 50%, the debuff spell reduces it by a further 40%. 50+40 = 90%? Unless it does some sort of whack stacking?

No it doesn’t. It reduces damage taken by the dragon from flaks by 50%.

Roar deduces the damage dealt by 40%.

Example: Dark Flak deals 10m damage. It gets hit by roar, and now it only deals 6m damage. When it hits Gig, the damage it takes gets reduced and it only takes 3m damage.


Yeah, that’s kind of the same concept. It reduces the flak damage to 50% to Gig, or it reduces the damage Gig takes from flaks by 50%. It’s the same sentence.

But I see how the stacking works. So say with that same 10mil dark flak that you have just roared upon and now you are using evil eye to further reduce it by 50%, what does that bring it down to? I genuinely suck at math.

narlyth has… interesting hair lol, I think he just shoots fire

Let’s take the 10mil damage number. The roar reduces it by 40% so 6 mil damage. Then his resist reduces it by 50% so 3mil. Evil eye reduces that another 50% down to 1.5mil.

So that works out to a total 85% damage reduction if all three spells are working. And if you can’t get evil eye to work because you don’t have rage you still have a 70% resistance to all flaks and storm towers.

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