Is obsidian leos actually strong?

Hey all, anyone here got leos obsidian? I got his stone until garnet only last season. Is he powerful at obsidian?

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He’s pretty much Archimera but simple and with addition of DF resist instead of invert.

I have his Ob stone and the means to get him there but waiting for feed event to level. What I can say is that he’s great on higher level invader bases.


I have garnet Leos and I find him viable option on very short bases full of elemental towers.

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Yeah Leos is a beast :roll_eyes:

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I hope you know that you can’t get stones once the season is over in any way.
Just a reminder , assuming you already know this.


Lol :joy:

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Pg please bring back old stone bla bla bla

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With zero rage he drops pretty quickly. Short bases have super high level mage towers so unless you are talking about going against undefended bases I’d have to disagree here


He’s decently tanky but goes down pretty fast when bombarded with towers while he tries to take out mages. His healing is so minimal since it’s based off base hp and he has no way of generating rage so 2 mage ss often seals his fate. Based on how he flew in platinum and sapphire I didnt bother with his obsidian stone. I stopped after the gold chests and embers were claimed.

Only times he seems to do well is against weak undefended bases or when he’s overleveled for the base he’s attacking.


Eh idk ive found him very useful , hes good as a setup at the very least since he doesnt need rage right away … assuming of course only one “trouble” island

It’s tankiness is due to its dark flak resist. Mage supershot the sucker then let your other towers take it down.

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But thats where ive found him to be useful in wars, because he doesnt need his rage right away so he can take out strategic towers and the follower can cleanup… tho i must say he cleared a level 303 defended the other day i had no rage till the very very end he had a sliver of health left lol… think i used him as a joke

Leos around my level need both boost to have a chance in defeating my base undefended so not really that supper strong but he is a good warrior because of dark flak resist and passive damage buff

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Agree. He is is good on undefended bases but sometime I used him with success in defended bases to drop red mage followed by 2 CL (Add on). He is definitely one of the good warrior in the game.

Most dragon (unless in good hands) struggles with high levelled towers on well built bases (defended).

I love Leos, he’s a specialist.

I use him all the time for bases with heavily built Dark Flak or Fire Turrets with low or med level mages. I just ignore the dark flak and fire turret and he just rips through the base like butter and destroys the rest.

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