Is PG at E3 this year?

Was just watching #BE3 and the cool games they have coming out for some of their franchises and wondered if PG had a presentation lined up?

I figure we will have a lot of information coming out from both the big players and those who plan on becoming big players.

Do they usually have mobile game developers there? I thought it was a convention only for PC/console games/tech. I’m not an expert on E3 lol. Didn’t even remember it was coming up again. :t_rex:

There is not a reason for them to not be.

Heck, Bethesda announced one of their new games by showing it on a mobile device. ES Blades. I think it can be played on all platforms.

Essentially, if this market wants to be taken seriously they need to take themselves seriously. As it is it is looked down upon by the competitive PC and console gamers. Granted, they look down on P2W as it is.

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Bethesda killed the E3!!! It was amazing!

OMG yea. My main game is their MMO so I was watching. Great news for Fallout and ES, well, everything.

E3 means ?

It’s the name of a gameshow convention. Lots of new games are anounced, especially by the big deveolopers. It’s also where Playstation, XBox, and Nintendo reveal their new gaming systems.

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Anyone here expect for Cyberpunk 2077 ? The new trailer f it is make my day :heart_eyes:

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Electronic Entertainment Expo (hence E3). Expounding on Liz’s post, it is the expo where everyone from hardware manufacutureres, developers and publishers announce big moves.

The whos who of the gaming industry from each angle and those looking to wedge into it.

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It’d be hilarious if PG announced they were rolling out Atlas to every plat league team for E3 :joy:

But let’s not kid ourselves. It’s never going to happen. Edit: The rolling out at E3. I’m still hoping they will someday keep their promise of rolling it out to the platinum leagues.

LOL. What would be hilarious is their demo of Atlas and the lag showing up.

My thought with this thread was maybe PG was cooking up something a little more serious, but bringing up Atlas does kinda suggest PG is far from ready for something worthy of E3.

It would actually be good to have a mobile E3. Mobile gaming is massive when you think about micro transactions far exceeding a standard game costs. I’m sure many on wardragons have spent more than the cost of a PlayStation or Xbox game?

There in lies my biggest problem with these types of games. You could get several gaming systems, complete with several games each with the exorbitant amount of money players keep throwing in. Personally, I blame lack of exposure for this. There are so many other games out there, some that even function the same, if not better, than War Dragons, Atlas included. I’d give another list but PG might flag my post again. For me, this game has been, and will always be, a mini game.

Yes, but games would need something worthy to show.

There are mobile games that would have great things to show and some good franchises involved… However, PG does not have any of that in their portfolio.

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