Is pg really listening or is this yet again a smokescreen?

As the title says is PG even listening to what we are suggesting.

I see topics have been created for us to comment on but I see pretty much zero response that PG are even acknowledging what is being said,

I really want to give PG the benefit of the doubt that they want to work with us and put a step in the right direction but is this just a more elaborate red herring like last year 2.0?


Too soon Merlin, too soon :rofl::joy: the pain is still too fresh…

I hope the lack of responses is due to the holiday season and we start to see more info mid January, at the latest…there’s still hope, maybe.


It kinda goes with how they have always been doing things, post a topic followed by a period of silence or some cliche response like…

“We’ll continue listening to all feedback that’s coming through the Forums thread. Thank you for your patience and detailed feedback thus far!”

And then they completely release something that’s the opposite of what most players say.


Ah, PG you know well, grasshopper. :rofl: :beers: Here’s hoping they listen this time and actually deliver what is asked for, without taking away with the other hand while we are distracted by shiny changes, as per the norm, to date…


Hoping is one thing, but until we see evidence they are actually listening is to be seen


Nothing will change unless it will impact the bottom line.

The posts all have responses in them. I’m not sure what silence you’re talking about. Nothing has been cemented yet because these are 2019 initiatives and it’s the holiday season. As we get into 2019 more details of just what features and projects are being worked on will go live.


I hope you understand where the skepticism comes from… I’ve only been playing a bit over a year and I roll my eyes every time I see a pg rep say “we’re listening and having a meeting etc etc” I can only imagine how the people who have been playing for 3 years or more feel… it always seems that any time pg DOES “give” us something they either also take something away or tie it in to yet another $ grab… not sure why the concept of if we just fix the stuff that needs fixing people will be wayyyyyy more willing to spend hasn’t sunk in … instead we get crap like these daily packs


Not sure what your talking about. I’ve been through those threads, there’s planets of PG comments in response to queries, suggestions & ideas.

Now whether they actually follow through on any of those ideas etc is another question entirely & we’ll just have to wait & see.

You were better off not saying anything then if what was posted is not cemented and the proposals were just that - proposals / initiatives. Doesn’t sound like anything is actually being worked on, thus, nothing should have been said.

The things discussed in the post are goals. The exact mechanics by which they are being accomplished haven’t been 100% settled yet, which is why I say they’re not cemented. Take player loyalty stuff for example. There are a couple of different proposals circulating internally about the best way to reward elder players and encourage players to become elder players. So, we’re working on player loyalty stuff, but I can’t say “this is how we’re doing player loyalty features”.

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