Is Rider gear seasonal?

Is there anything unique about any of the rider gear offered as seasonal prizes? As a non-Atlas player, I have no perspective on rider gear, and the prize page offers very little information on what the gear actually does or whether it’s in any way special.

Is all of that specific gear forgeable in Atlas, or is it just that I’ll (eventually) be able to forge some other gear for my currently-‘bareback’ riders?

Reaching the pointy end of the season, and though I expect to max out the riders themselves, as a non-spender I’ll have to go some if I want to pick up any gear at all. Is it actually worth the extra effort to get something truly unique to this season, or should I be saving rubies to use in the spring season instead?

You have an opportunity now to prevent next month’s ‘bring back old rider gear’ thread.

I don’t think there is anything special about the seasonal rider gear, other than it is an opportunity to get a complete set at once (more or less).

I’ve heard that you can craft and equip gear in Atlas and put on seasonal riders, thus making them whatever element you wish.

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The seasonal gear sits between the rare and epic stats of Atlas gear. Naked Atlas riders are also stronger than naked Seasonal riders.

Atlas riders have to be leveled by using them in Atlas to gain XP. Seasonal riders are leveled instantly by the shards you get in their reward tree.

Atlas gear is hard to get so it can take a long time to obtain a set with higher stats than seasonal gear (at least that is my understanding, I don’t have Atlas). I believe you can also choose the element for the gear you craft in Atlas (maybe Atlas player can verify).


Rider gear prizes from seasons are an easy way to obtain rider gear, as it’s max rare gear (10% each to Attack and HP - Edit: This is for the entire set, not one piece!) that doesn’t need to be crafted or upgraded. It’s for the convenience but is definitely worthwhile. As for the element, it depends upon how far in advance you want to plan. Kayla’s wind gear will be useful on Noctua, but that’s in Obsidian; it’s also useful for Kinnarus, though, if you have that. Sandberg has all the elements on Dragon Manager.

At the forge, when you get Atlas, you need scrolls and shards to craft gear; you’re most likely going to receive common gear, so you have to craft until it results in a rarity that you want (common, rare, epic, legendary - no mythic). After that, you need shards to be able to upgrade the gear. It’s a bit of a hassle, and you’ll most likely be short on scrolls. Shards can also be an issue for teams without high refinery buffs and element selection. Packs exist for it as well but :see_no_evil:

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Thanks for the replies! Guess I’ll see if I can pick up a pair of boots, but don’t have the fear of missing out like wanting one more evolution stone.

Note that the 10% to each HP/Attack is for the entire set, not a single piece; I updated my earlier post to specify that too. :slight_smile:

Wow, so definitely not worth sweating over a pair of shoes!

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