Is Scorpa Underrated? How to fly Scorpa the Caustic Nuke!

Hey everyone! I had difficulty finding good gameplay with scorpa and had idea of how I wanted to test him out, I finally got him and now I want to share a video so everyone can make the best decision for them on wether to get scorpa or not!

Quite a fun dragon but requires practice and speed to maximize his use. Not for everyone, and I haven’t flown against defenders too many times but I think if you’re attacking in the right range scorpa should still do okay.

Here’s the video! Hope it helps! Feel free to share your thoughts and input or ask questions!

Additions from comments:

  • Ice flak SS is a weakness.
  • Storm tower SS - you can hit towers with 2 Caustic Spines and some ammo before storm shield becomes effective.

Scorpa Defended:


:thinking: Scorpa against active Storm + Ice Flak SS

Active storm I have faced before, you can get the 2 caustic spines and a burst of ammo off in time of your quick enough to beat the shield and they’ll continue taking damage, the ice flak SS would be a problem (as for many dragons) but if you are attacking towers at a level relative to your dragon tier, you should be able to burst the ice flak and then use bloodlust to regain some health. But yes, a heavily defended base with an ice flak would be a weakness for sure.

Not sure you can caustic before storm activates but I don’t have Scorpa so dunno :man_shrugging:

If you watch the video, at 3:30 there is a storm on island 3 in bottom left position that activated and I get off 2 caustic spines and Ammo before the shield fully activated.

Yep, I think you did, as I saw 2 110’s before you cloaked.
The defender didn’t really defend on that 3 though as neither EF nor back blue should have died and it would have left you mage drained going into 2.

All in all, nice showing of scorpa!


Nice work. Thanks for the vid :smiley:

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I have updated my original post with my new video showing scorpa flying against some defenses bases, one at the end with 3 defenders defending quite well.