Is Spring season really starting with feeding event?

What is wrong with you? At least do breeding first. Come on PG.

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I think training is a good start since spring divine dragons are coming in and you want those easy points from transferring XP to training them.


Ideally you would have an event first to earn sigils, so more people will have the dragon to feed (I’m cool with this either way. Been holding rhyo at 35 specifically for this)


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Please make sure that 1 of 2 events inside 2 weeks of sale dragon will be a energy event…
So people can decide where to spend all there rubins and goldchests.

I for example like to open there, because it is better for my game… Some maybe like different… But if it is feeding with breeding, it will ruin that choice …

Please give us a choice during that time , when for what we want use our treasures.


I really hope that is not true…

If it were feeding then wouldn’t that push breeding back a week too? Otherwise we’d end up with an extra week to collect tokens.

Be surprised if it’s not a PVP so we don’t wind up with three “passive” events in a row or push breeding off. Find out soon enough I guess. Plenty of starving dragons either way.

Next event is feeding ,first event of spring

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With the last feeding 10 weeks ago, I’m expecting feeding -> breeding -> pvp, so no pvp during the discount dragon. I guess breeding will have to do for opening stuff.

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Feeding first?


Signed, a guy who starves his roster to rather amusingly horrible depths


Ffs. Is KoTH retired now?

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God I hope so


With feeding ev. only problem is to get enough food. It’s very easy to be prepared on this event. Each tier has dragons which are good for breeding only. If you stop on breeding lvl and collect XP until experts you will have backup for potential surprise like this. Always have 1-2 spots for such dragons :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lol. To each his own I guess. That’s probably my favorite.


since breeding has been so long I am very much looking forward to it, having 18 dragons hungry as hell and almost 8mill in food packs. I for one will love that to kickstart the new season :slight_smile:


Calendar officially says feeding so, I guess that settles it.


Im good with this since Ive been starving so many dragons in prep for this and dont think I could have waited another week. REALLY dont want next event to be breeding though. We need a pvp within the first 2 weeks. Really not looking forward to wasting all my hard earned gold chests on crap loads of food packs and xp potions. Come on PG, break the schedule and put a pvp in there before breeding. Hell Id even take conquer the world again as long as the chests arent flooded with garbage that applies to only a single event that comes around once or twice a season.

The issue isn’t the event itself (well not exactly). The issue is Feeding and Breeding are generally bad times to Open Gold chests which sucks for those who want to take advantage of discount period. If your anything like me taking advantage of the discount period will mean poor PVP event score for the rest of the season.


You hit the nail on the head for me. I don’t wanna open the fucking chests i have saved nor use the rubies i have saved nor buy a pack (which I do once a year, and it was gonna be in the first two weeks of the season, now not at all) during Feed, Fort not fucking breeding. Fuck this shit.

Bwahahha people who planned to open golds during the first two events to get the discounted hunter will be so pissed :rofl: