Is support drunk or telling me I need to cheat?

While I was doing the obnoxious 400 super shots for team quests yesterday, I had my farms and mills moved up to the farthest island (with the 3rd perch), 1 in each corner and nothing in the middle. Whenever I was defending the farm in the front right corner (on the side with the perch) was always missing (it wasnt under construction). It was this way for all 25 defendings, I only had 3 building showing on the island. Anyway, I send in a ticket to support explaining that my sheep farm was missing every time I
The response I got back was that I needed to
“Put the building Im referring to into my storage and then put it back on my base wherever I want it.” So… is support not aware that we cant put farms and mills into storage? Was support drunk last night? Or is support telling me I need to hack the game and put my farm into storage?

Seriously though, how does support not know you cant do this?

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No. Perhaps, put random building in storage, and put it back. The entire set will be set to current set (and this is not a set pun of set)

And ask PGJared to force the CS to play more, so they know what they will suggest

He knows u cant. So he expects you to do what you already know what to do.

Nope they told me specifically to put the building I mentioned to them (my 2nd sheep farm) that Im having issues with into storage

I know that putting a building into storage and then taking it out forces a game sync, which didnt actually fix the issue last night. I just find it funny that support is telling me to do something that cant be done in the game.

Support is so inundated with tickets I swear they look for keywords and then respond with canned responses.

Yesterday I put in a ticket for my token boosts - had waited over 24 hours and nothing. Wrote to them explaining “its been over 24 hours and my token boosts are not yet active”. The response I got? The canned “it could take 24 hours from the time you claim it” and “Please wait 24 hours and if nothing, let us know” :joy:

Had to reply and explain that I was now approaching 36 hours…

They really should get rid of the templated responses to force CS to read the initial ticket in its entirety.


Sorry, off topic question, but…


Perhaps Im a ghost…

Why are you trying to mail me? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Just want to take a look at your base, and learn something…
I’m still at low level, so there are a lot to learn :blush:

You got the name wrong :man_facepalming:


I got same response on my ticket my egg token boost wasn’t workin after 28 hours (my first ticket i knew to wait 24 hours). Told me to wait 24 hours. Huh? They cannot do math ? 28 is over 24. Then to send screen shot of egg missions if not working which I have Done at the 48 hour mark since I claimed bonus. I dont Understand these responses from support.

Oops… My fault :sweat_smile:

What’s your ticket number?


Tag me when you post the table flipping video…

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