Is support on holidays

Sended on the 9th of march a ticket .that i recieved rubies from statues instead of. Chests,… did also on that ticket meself 3 replys,
Never got an answer ,
At lc someone told me to delete and reinstal ,still i recievd rubies instead of chests ,
Finaly after three days without chestdropping they started to drop again today…
dont get it why non of them at pg answerd my tickets ,
Any more who had this lame experience ?

Because you updated the ticket. It pushes it back to the back of the queue again. You have to let them respond unless you have urgent info you have to add or it never gets seen

Updated yess after 2 days ,

Yeah, there were alot of issues at the start of the season… I’m guessing they’re still pretty busy? It’s the 12th… if you sent a ticket and kept updating it and getting pushed to the back of the line, no surprise if you’re still waiting.

This is a common case of use the search button

@TheRedDelilah I’m going to start tagging you to close these threads because this must be the 4th or 5th duplicate

After the issues they have had two days isn’t bad. I get it. It’s a pain. But give them time. It will be sorted. Just don’t update the ticket unless new info comes out

Or you can search for others having the same issue, like me, and make sure you have a pocket ID to sign back into your account. Then clear your app data and its cache, uninstall and re-install.

It’s the app data and cache that did it for me. A simple(??) uninstall / reinstall wasn’t enough this time.

The more we help ourselves the more they can help others and fix other issues

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Maybe it’s the amount of tickets they received regarding the same problem. I don’t know.
I put in a ticket about something totally different and it was answered the same day so unsure why others are taking so long.

War Dragons support currently has 1.9k tickets in the queue, so you’re absolutely correct.

We’re still majorly backlogged, though we’ve worked through a ton of it. Things should be back to normal by the end of the week.


Wow lot of tickets, I guess I’ve got luck because I posted a ticket and within the hour got a helpful response :+1:

Some folks are assigned to new, while others are assigned to outstanding.

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