Is swearing legal in the LC

Hello. Yesterday one of my teammates just misswrote something in the league chat while we were talking in the team. It’s Turkish so you can translate it if there is anything bad in her talking. So she received these kind of a reaction then me also…

Not complaining since i reported him already. Just asking if this is legal like if there is no any penalty for swearing the people or their teams because some said he was talking about the team. So even it’s the case is it okay to not being racist but meanwhile swearing their teams and people in the league chat?

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Maybe he was just annoyed that you didn‘t write in English in LC.
I don‘t like it as well, the LC should be English only so that everybody understands it without needing to use a translator.
In TC it doesn‘t matter if it is a Turkish or German or whatever team nobody would complain.

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I don’t have any problem if this would be said. Does he have the right to swear directly just after two lines of another language? Than after that if you look we were talking in English, so i don’t think it’s the case.

I fully disagree. Are you aware that there are people in the world who do NOT understand english? LC is LC. It is for people of different teams to talk, they can talk in whichever language they prefer.

This said…

Maybe the guy was a bit rude @DEMIRCANn , but I don’t think he did anything illegal :woman_shrugging: Maybe something had annoyed him. Maybe at first it was people speaking a different language, and later it was people addressing him to increase the tension instead of reducing it… The leader (I presume) seemed to be there to handle the guy anyway?

Finally, what you showed isn’t racist in my opinion. Most people who don’t speak turkish don’t know that turkler means turks. I didn’t for example, I only just read it in your note. I’d be inclined to think he didn’t as well and was just talking about the team.


I can assure you nothing said before the ones in the 1. picture. Sorry but i can’t just sit and reduce the tension if somebody sweared me. Of course not illegal i am just exaggragating saying that. But there’s also another report option for swearing, so because he didn’t even stop after i said i will just report him continued in the way of trash talking. At the end there’s actually nothing to discuss, i just wonder even if there’s something disturbed me, can i swear? So i do it whenever i saw a message in the league that i don’t understand even without specifying me, or a message “somehow” disturbed me…

It’s possible that it’s against code of conduct or something like that. If it’s not, it still doesn’t… look or sound pleasant, in my personal opinion.

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That is understandable somewhat, but I hope you realize it doesn’t help at all if you want them to stop the behaviour :sweat_smile:

About the talk… Yea, he was a bit rude, but that’s also just how some people talk. I wouldn’t have reported, but if you felt offended you had the right to do so, I guess.

I hope you also thought about what the possible consequences of reporting can be for the player.

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why care? not like he was talking to you anyways?

dont exactly see a point of OP here as this seems more like person a cussing at person b.

person b is totally fine to engage against person a here as a response, verbally, of course.

but the OP’s ss makes it seem like a rando, person c, is suddenly butthurt and engaged instead. :man_shrugging:t2:

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Yeah so people can understand they shouldn’t act like that.

This depends on the people’s character totally imo. You may be someone who doesn’t care someone’s trash talk but i do.

Absolutely not i really, really wonder if there’s no penalty for swearing for no reason or even with a “personal” reason. That’s why i removed all the names and teams except for mine and mentioned the officers.

swearing is legal there is a option to turn where u cant see it! many folks in upper leagues use alot


if it is to me, i’d care.

if it is to someone close to me, i’d care.

if it is to someone idfk, then i wouldn’t give a faq.

put ur nose into too many sh1ts that is totally unrelated to you will only get u trouble. -or shot even, especially in texas. :rofl:

and if you were REALLY wondering, then u probably would be sending a ticket with those ss regarding this, not trying to get attention by bringing this up on the forums.

seems to me this is more like an aggro rather than an actual fair Q that u wondered. :man_shrugging:t2:


I guess what you said is for unspecified ones, not onto a person or a team especially a few times. 1. one is for team (okay we assumed that it’s not racist somehow the team’s name is not only “Turkler”) 2. and 3. for the players. But if it is, than i got the answer of my question eventually.

swearing fine but u can get in trouble if u go over board

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To have a “swearing is not a good thing” like answer? Saying again i would take it up with the open names if i would think to aggro. I guess if we were talking about is there a problem at swearing in LC than i have the right to open a personal thread in the forum.

there are limits that folks cant cross but you can sure tell someone to fuk off :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


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I mean… some country use swearing as part of conversation. Like, I fking love this game. Is it considered swearing?

Even you use sht, which considered swearing too.

My take is, be chill.

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%*#^ yeah!


123214 times said but for you i can tell it again, no problem if somebody disturbed you, mentioned you, specified you… That’s the point i don’t accept if there is no reason.