Is Telment worth getting

I will be getting a mythic this season and thinking about the sorcerer. I was wondering what thoughts players have about this dragon. Since the half ends next week, need to decide in the next few days.

The discounts end after next week*
You dont need to decide in the next few days. You can get any of the lines, dont level the dragon and wait for more info/reviews/feedback/Buffs and Nerfs and then use those stones on whichever the 3 that you want. They work on any of the 3 so all you need to do is claim them during the rebate period, not use them

That aside, I think it is too early to be asking for feedback about them. Wait a bit for more videos to come out and the CF/GPF to have more time with them


rebate is only available at one of the three branches so just get the telment line and wait. If its to your liking then no worries and if not claim the other one which seem better to u (when u have made your decision) till orange egg as u can use the rest of the evo stones of telment to level it up. No need of getting all 3 during the first week and wasting possibly 3k sigils

Everyone should be getting all 3 eggs for dragon quests. I’ve already had 3 Telment plat quests this week


Yep every active player should get all orange eggs.
If you log in once a day then it could be possible that it is not worth getting.
Same here I had 2 plat and 1 parrot gold chest quest already.

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yea igot all 3 too for the quests too . just saying he can wait a few days and get them and go for mission bonus boost for now. i havent gotten a single quest yet tho lol

I can tell u this dragon as legendary is basically close to unuseable. But as mythic its good. Think this counts for all 3 this season if that helps.

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if you have a rider and/or the gear, go for it

somehow I got 2 quests for Pyrrot before the season started

That always can happen since the dragons are in the game. Last season I had one for Tiallos the night before it started.
So far quests have been damn good this week. 3 for Telment, 4 for Barbend, 1 for Jellytoes and 2 for Avernic plus a handful of gold quests. I wish it was like this every week :heart_eyes:
Edit: got another Barbend quest last night

Always claim those dragon eggs people

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I’m skipping out this season but I did consider this…I have all slots open for dragon quests but currently only completing 3, the other 2 are waiting for me to decide if I’m gonna get Pyrrot and the other eggs just for quests

Get all the orange eggs.
If you are active just do it.

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If you’re getting a mythic anyways… then why not? :joy:

I’ve started doing this recently. I unlocked the extra dragon mission slots early on, so I have way too many XP potions. Now I only do the 2 hour quests and the ones for golds / plats / rubies. I cancel the others and wait the 2 1/2 hours for the quest to reset. This gives me more chances to get the important ones. There’s no reason for me to do the 4 or 8 hour quests for XP potions when I already have too many.

I also got a nice surprise this season getting the Pyrrot egg. I got 2 more of the 24 hour +200% lumber boosts. Those are so valuable in fort events.


I do not do the rubies.only gold plat and 2 hours quests

Same, 100 rubies isnt worth taking up a quest slot for 24hrs and possibly passing up chests. Not unless you can only login like once a day


I do the 8 and 4 hour quests if i know I’m gonna be asleep in less than 2,5 hours. I do the rubies if i feel that I’m having a low amount of chest missions since it makes me feel good🤣

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Here is a small ranking of all forms :blush:

I don’t sleep.lols.
And I think you need to skip the rubies so the cycle gets faster.Like gear making and chests this dragon quests probably runs on a sequence too.

could u show me where it states the gear making sequence?

I don’t think it has been sequenced, but two posters think the pattern is about 900 long:

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