Is that previous bug back with this update?


anyone remember when necryx was sanding and the mage effects would remain? i think it was with noctua vines also…even though mage towers were taking damage, their effects remained…

I have been doing many runs with noctua to get comfortable with vines and cloak but for some reason i vine and towers take in damage BUT their effects are remaining… red and blue mages r still in power even those having taken damage from vines…

anyone else?


Are you vining from the turn when you are experiencing this?

If so, you’re vining too early.


not as annoy as slyphen chain do the damage that unsand the red mage but couldnt disable it again :joy:


i do not think i am because, i even vine twice after facing towers for almost 2 seconds and it still keeps mage towers effects open


oh wow that sucks!


Sincerely doubt you face the island for 2 seconds within it working or you dying lol m

Have a vid?


im not hitting to high lol, dont wanna be a tradegy in replays LOL, so i take 2-3 hits from flaks,

edit: no vid. ill try to record in my nxt few runs.


I do believe based on another thread that @die has recently acquired Noctua and is in the beginning stages of learning where to tap the screen to get a 4 tower vine. Thus the hitting low.


looool im horrible liz! im tryingand losing hard lol


I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it :laughing: I imagine Noc is a lot easier to learn than Hau lol


I have a similar bug with Axi. It already happened twice since the update that I’m clearly facing the island, I use Rainbow Shot a split second later and towers take damage but they aren’t frozen. I don’t think I cast it too soon.


yea i was saying same thing but with noctua vines…


Yep has happened to me a couple times


it has been happening many times since i got noctua till date as well. i am forgetting to put recorder on before i run, @Lutrus, u have noctua? can u c if u run into this issue while doing sum runs? woukd appriciate it


I’ve had it happen with vines! It’s annoying, any kind of disabling spell Sand/Vines/Chains the most buggy spells.

Sucks because sometimes disabling a specific mage or tower can be the difference in living or dying :joy:

But yeah I’ve had It happen along with all kinds of other bugs while disabling its not super common but enough to be irritating


Sorry, it’s working fine for me :man_shrugging:t3: The most common cause of vines damaging but not vining is Bc you’re casting too early on turn, especially on island 6. The second most common is when you vine but die before vines can apply the disable.


ahh thank you. but how early is early? because a lot of time just when u cast as u turn and the vines work properly, u still get shot downbefore you are allowed to cloak. its such a gamble it feels like… its like im too early or too late. never had successful cloak upon vine with noctua


@die If you cloak after immediately after disabling you do not get shot down before you can cloak.
Works with vines like entrap and other disabling spells but since it’s not quite as fast as entrap definitely harder and other stuff can change it like the Kind of towers, where the blues at, etc

He means to early like still in the act of turning at the very end of it. Where almost looks like your facing but still a bit early.
Especially when the spell is prepped it’s easy to cast early.

But if this is the Op’s Problem idk? But all disabling spells still are very buggy especially sand.


im still practicing everyday. necryx is so much easier but just he can only disable 1-2 mostly as compared to noctua… lets c how it goes lol…


I like that you got a gold chest in that run :hugs: