Is the 200% Food Boost working


My Storage is 76 or 77 and it seems like I can’t keep food. Ok I realize it’s a feeding event… so don’t go there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, but I am asking has anyone noticed that it seems like the boost isn’t protecting and or boosting food?


Boost doesn’t function for protection if you are offline


The in-game display on the farm/mill isn’t always accurate while boosted, and it’s hard to tell what it means; it does boost production, though. For protection, what’s in your storage gets protected, but your farms/mills no longer will be. I also like to do a hard restart to make sure that the display updates.

Also, to would-be attackers, it won’t reflect the boosted protection amount, so that’s why you’ll see more complaints about raiding and not getting anything during the rss-based events.


It does protect your rss but only the storage, so you have to collect it to get the protection. Anyway it’s only protect 50% of your storage.


This is correct. Once you close game the protection does not work and all food or lumber in a farm etc has 0 protection


It worked for me


I must say that pg have confirmed the rss boost is broken. It depends if you activate and then are attacked offline once the farms have generated rss. It then allows attacker to take all rss to 0. Not the actually storage.


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