Is the Game Down?

Game down for new version???

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    After closing game waiting about 20 minutes then trying I was able to log in. Claimed a few prizes and then the issues started again. I dont think there are actual updates or new versions being pushed out, but something is causing a headache. A few players on my team are having similar issues.
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No, it’s live and working fine. If you’re caught in the loop of “please wait, a new version is being released”, you have to send a ticket to support; they’ll be able to kick you out of it.

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Thank you.

wow so more game changes on the fly without maintenance window/patch notes?

I am having the same issue. Don’t claim prizes and game works fine. Claim prizes and it freezes and then i cant get back in for a bit.

i’ve been waiting for 10 minutes still cant get back in. rebooted device, no luck. yes i just claimed prizes.

Game definitely feels more laggy than usual.

Can’t claim prizes on either of my accounts. Rebooted several times. iOS

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@PGGalileo - The game worked fine the first two hours, now I have this message. Is it normal ?

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I’m not sure if it’s normal, submit a ticket if it persists for long!

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Seems to persist for 15-20 mins and returns every time prizes are claimed. For me and a few on my team as well as others it seems.

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i cant open a ticket, i cant get in game :slight_smile:

since our resident helper wasn’t helpful enough:


I’m getting it too.

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I submitted a ticket was told a fix was applied. I claimed prizes and I am right back to the same error.

After a few messages back and forth with support I was able to claim prizes and close and relaunch game.

I noticed that the Season Leaderboard has shifted from the end of the list during PvP to now being 3rd after Team Achievements, maybe that was the new version…

Even after adjustment is made by support team, it locked me out of game as soon as I collect event prizes again as well. So now I see notification that people attacked my bases and can’t defend. Game is taunting me…

Only permanent solution to this bug is to uninstall and don’t reinstall :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Lol I have never really have to uninstall a game w iOS to fix app. This is a first. Game is now laggy.

I’m in the same boat here

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No the game just sucks.