🥺 is the game dying?

I have been hearing from a heap of people that the game is dying so I will like to here way people here have to say and is this true ?
How many people are playing and how many do we need to stay open ?
I think to make more people start playing make it more fun at lower lvls after it gets past lower lvls than people might get more excited like I did.
Maby keep dragons and mythic a bit cheaper and come up with amazing designs.
People have spend $1000 on this game and it’s a wast of more if it dies. PG huge addictive listen to the community maybe, make some cool updates that keep people excited and wanting to be more active some new updates to atlas or a whole new thing like atlas.

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It’s not.


I’m not sure if creating a thread for this is entirely the best way to address this. Seems like it would inherently attract the toxic face of the forums which may provide an overwhelmingly biased perspective on the situation. Plus, the active forum contributors are also a small, albeit highly influential, percentage of the player base.

This exchange in a recent thread gives some light on your dilemma and also gives some varied but equally valid perspectives. I particularly liked Zami’s depiction.


That makes me feel better :smiley:

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@ModMat pls close this threat

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Let’s spread the love and tag them all. @moderators


Did someone call for moi? :sunglasses:


That said… recalling the Atlas shake downs in Diamond and Sapphire, respectively, following suit in Platinum and Gold, irrespective, depending on which Tier… I’d say while it might seem that way for some stick around till Fall about the time when you’ll see what amounts to full on revival.


Closed at OPs request