Is the help desk open today

Hi is anyone in today on the help desk

Cmon man. Forums are not a help desk. Go send in a support ticket.

I’m having problems raising tickets so that is why I’m trying this way as I can’t connect the other ok. Just in case any admin on here

As is said on literally 75% of threads on the forums: Posting here won’t help. Contact support.
Good luck.

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@TeeBro is correct. Please use our web version at if you are having issues contacting support in game. Additionally, please make sure to include your Support ID or PGID which can be found in the “about” tab in the gear menu.

Hi I have done opened ticket and nothing but automatic reply and my in game help hasn’t worked for over two months which is still being looked into

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If you just opened your ticket, wait 24 hours for a response, although usually it’s quicker than that. Every time you reply to it, it sends it to the back of the line.

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do not reply to your own ticket. wait for them to answer you.

Every time you send a ticket, there is an automated message saying that they have received it together with the ticket #

After that, wait for any response from them. Usually, like what Lutrus have said, it is faster, but since we do have some issues floating around like what you experienced, they should have a high number of tickets coming their way. They can’t skip others who have sent tickets before you just to answer you so be patient for now.

Hi I have but no reply other than automated also have problems with in game help which is still being sorted

As frustrating as I’m sure it is, posting your problem on the forum is a step above posting it in the league chat. Here you will recieve the following advice.

Make a ticket. Don’t reply to it till you recieve a response (it’ll put it at the end of the line)
If it doesn’t work, use the website.
You can also PM some employees.

And if this your first time being here, welcome to forums.

Nope, nobody is in today. Leave a message after the beep…



Beers for that red Removing email details did not realize that till to late

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