Is the infrastructure loss on castle surrender intended?

Is the infrastructure loss on castle surrender an intended game mechanic and thus there was a bit of miscommunication about the atlas season, or is it a problem to be fixed which is not yet listed into known issues? Also was that something that has already existed 2Y ago before they removed infrastructure loss on castle conquer?


Also noticed this about a few minutes ago…
Didn’t see anywhere that surrendering also penalizes infrastructure


Very long discussion here:

Probably should have been announced in an in-game email.


Why wouldnt surrender do the same , castle trading is not an intended mechanic either . Wish they would make penalties for surrendering like loosing 100% guards or else

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There is a surrender button :thinking: on old land castles and well most of the teams are using it from time to time for their own benefit, given the assumption that all rules are there to be exploited (cause no they can’t be broken this is a computer program, unless you can see the matrix…)

It’s a gold/timer sink it’s where time gets flushed down the toilet

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