Is the invoker worth my sigils?

I don’t know that much other than I know it has no heal (not that it is bad). So should I spend my sigils. I am lvl 165.

If you are desperate for timers then it’s not a bad line. The dragon itself seems ok for lower levels if you really need a dragon. I’d personally wait to see the festive in 3 weeks


Like @ZeroDucksGvn said the resources on the line are not bad and the dragon might be useful for lower levels.

Hauhset is still going to be overall more helpful. However, having this dragon (or like Dross) and using it to partially set up a base will make taking it out with Hauhset easier for sure.

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The dragon itself would struggle with most base set ups, and you would need a lot of skill to use this dragon but he doesn’t really do that much. Both ethera and Jjin share the same weakness (as well as most spells) where they have a blue cloak and need their one shot spell to take out the blue on the turn. If you are going for a dragon then i would go Ethera over Jjin just because it has a rage gain and healing, so ethera is more forgiving you make a mistake. That being said, if you want a dragon then go for Sekhet if you have not already, he is sooooo much better than both these dragons combined. If you are going for prizes then wait for the tower branch and festive, i think the tower branch has more gold chests and the festive obvi has dracs but correct me if i am wrong, as i don’t usually go for the tower line since i am lvl 124.

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The current reality for a Lv 165 is that you are jumping tiers each fort and breeding to try and have a chance of reaching top team achievement. Assuming you are on top of the grind that is required to keep dragons breedable in time, timers and building resources will be your most limiting factor.

The Invoker looks ok and fun to fly but I do not see it having the longevity to suit you well when you hit a higher level and have to hit up in a meta that has a closer balance towards what is observed in end game.

What you should and should not get is a purely personal decision but I know I would likely want to wait and see what ends up being the best value for timer and resource consumables.


I loved dross. He was one I wish I would have taken further
I l

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For level 165 I’d probably say nah, if you need timers/rss invest in tower line when it comes out, invoker doesn’t seem like it’ll be good levels 250+

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If you look at Imperivm92 video then you can see that the invoker takes skill but can take out much harder bases then itself, granted undefended. Jjin will struggle with defended bases more than a seasonal divine should.

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I feel that hammers would have less of an impact on him but strategically placed super shot can easily down him. If you defend against him it’s all or nothing.

All a defender has to do is shield the blue mage and then hit the dragon with an ice flak ss. Even in Imperivm92’s video Jjin takes a couple shots after he kills the blue when turning on an island, so all a defender has to do ice flak ss and Jjin is dead. I like what someone said before, sorry couldn’t ur name, but its like PG wanted to combine Rashka and Morak but took all the bad parts about those dragons. Jjin is seriously underpowered, but PG will probably never buff this dragon because its a legendary and i have only ever seen PG nerf a legendary, not buff one.

Invokers in my eyes are hit or miss, and most of the invokers that have been released have been a miss. I just hope that PG does better on next season’s invoker.

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I really like him

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