Is the next event a Breed Event?!

So I’ve just heard that you can breed your dragons with normal egg fragments EVEN IF the castle is being upgraded.
How is this possible?!
Really feel like its something i should know after playing the game for over a year!

enter from the event

Or from the research egg, or other places too, but event is the easiest in my opinion


Yes next event is breed


Thank you!

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Only thing is you are stuck breeding dragons of the previous tier. I.E. if you are upgrading your castle so you can breed platinum dragons, you will only be able to breed gold ones, unless you speed the castle up.


Thanks for the confirmation :+1:t3:

Why would they make breeding next, when most haven’t had a chance to unlock the egg token boost yet? Oh yeah…money…

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Because it’s been 3 weeks since the last breeding event, and it always follows that schedule. It’s the most reliable event in the game.

If you haven’t unlocked the token boost, you’re in luck: everyone gets token boost during breeding events. Having the event at the start of the season is the nicest thing PG could do for players in terms of scheduling; it ensures the minimal amount of time without token boost coverage.


Yay breeding now I can breed the trash that is anapa

That is always a dark a grim time


Whale and Chtho for me.
I wonder if I should use fragments instead of tokens…

For double breeds i would not highly recommend it. At that point your best value will be to save them for Either:

A) Rare platinum breeds (singles) where they will be worth 260 tokens each instead of 200. If you are breeding doubles they drop to not as good of a deal
B) sapphire single legendary breeds where they will be worth 250 tokens instead of 200 each. That is a 25% increase right there :slight_smile:
C) If you must use them right away, use them EVENLY between dragons so that you can hatch both at the same time. If you use say 100 fragments on a single dragon, you will either need to use 100 fragments on the other or use the same amount of breeding tokens as you would to breed both.


Wondering if in a month when breeding Sekham there is any reason to not throw all 400+ egg fragments I have at it :thinking:


Sapphire that costs 125k tokens, and eggs you don’t need; do it :tada:

If you haven’t got the boost yet then you’ll get it this week with the event! :joy::man_shrugging:

Thanks! Just checking to see if there’s a reason not to that I wouldn’t know about. Looks like it gives the least amount of eggs and shouldn’t need em for hut so seemed logical; muchas gracias señora

I’d calculate and see what prize tier you would hit and toggle the fragments to get you there. It’d suck to land in the middle of prize tiers … you could save the fragments to do the same toggling for Scorchil and Iteru. :rose:

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Yes very true. I’ll be breeding sek and scorchil in the same event (not this event but the next) so I’ll figure out what gets me exactly to whatever tier I’m aiming for. Good reminder thanks! :+1:

Is Cletus needed for a breeding path? :thinking: dunno, never bred him…

Thanks Mechengg. I guess I’ll use for both evenly.
I’m still level 77, so it (probably) needs 2 - 3 months before I can hatch Platinum.

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