Is the next event a Breed Event?!


I just want to breed Hau as fast as possible. Chtho and Whale will give Cryzan, and Khrysos + Cryzan = Vulcan and Quetz. With Rizar, it gives Scorchil + Iteru, which is Hau’s parent


Hi Shanny! When I was an officer in ur team I sent 3 team mails as to how to do this, it is also in our notes on the Line chat unless someones has deleted it. :heart:


Who, in their infinite wisdom would have a breeding event after a feeding event. To better the individuals experience in the game, it seems only logical to have the breeding event prior to the feeding event. I’m sure tis is somthing that has been brought before but i digress.


One needs to feed his dragon to reach breedable level, so feeding before breeding works too :grin:


Sounds too much like the chicken or egg riddle


Best time to have a feeding event? NEVER


Thats good to know! I was just upgrading it in prep for the tier after platinum, got about half of the platinum dragons so far!


No… As a low level F2P, I think feeding is good for starter, at least once (or is it only once?).
Without strong dragon (and strong ally due to weird timezone), the best chance to get sigils are Fort and Feeding events (and breeding perhaps).


The whole premise of feeding events is messed up. People starve their dragons so they can get good points instead of training them when they are ready and making themselves stronger as a player. Even if you only feed your event dragons it gets to be really annoying when your team mates are constantly asking for back up for their dragons simply because they haven’t bothered to train them high enough to handle their own xp runs.


But you can train them high enough to do your max xp base and still not fully upgrade them. Or at the very least get a very decent amount of XP without having to bother any team mate. I think the people that need support so much have simply over leveled their base.

I just got to 500 sigils this past feed and still have dragons I could feed that are not my main line dragons. I experted (is that a word) all my mains like Frostbiter, Hau, Ursa, Gorg, Chompa, Iteru and have many times the needed xp on all my divines but Kirin and the current discount hunter. Those are the only two I need help if I want my max xp or even to solo salang for 50k less.

I look at this game as a marathon, not a sprint. I’m not in a rush to get to end game because then what? I have fun flying the dragons that I have and set a goal for the 450 sigil prize every event. I went past it this event because the food was there for me because my production boost mostly works.

I used three of them and even missing the majority of Saturday, I did OK. Not tooting my own horn (though it sounds like I am) just saying it’s possible and really wasn’t too much of a drag until the last day trying to get that last 5 million food. I was tempted to spend precious rubies just to end it, but persevered. I even have 4 400k food packs left and quite a few smaller. Still have rubies but did open my stash of bronze and gold saved during last two events.

Gotta admit, I don’t want it more often. LOL


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