Is the only way to get diamonds in atlas to buy them?

i thought they would be in event awards like rubies. this pure sucks i knew i shouldnt of waited this long to get the 3rd primarch slot. damnn. hope someone has some insight on this.

I believe they will be added to future prizes (this event started before they were released).

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ok cool thanks man

Next event we should get them… what’s more concerning is can they be used to buy prizes one at a time like keystones were? Buying only the cards you want is a way better deal than the complete the set option…

This change is horrible for my troop revival. I was using rubies to speed my revival because my troops are basically lost every day.
Now I am stuck until they release diamond gem rewards!!

Why couldn’t they add the accumulation process before they switched the spending to diamonds? Why was this not thought about? People were mid battle and have come to a crunching halt, losing all ground gained.

Adding Diamonds this way then cutting off ruby speeds immediately is brutal and counter logical :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:

Event prizing as well.

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The extra diamonds are great!

Now that keystones are gone, could you make it possible to purchase prizes one at a time with diamonds, like you could with keystones, instead of just the whole set?

Thank you… the recent changes have been very helpful, especially the extra shards and gold multipliers! And I’ve never seen so many primarchs to battle as I have now that they can fly!

We also heard Bazaar is gonna be phased out. Is it true? And if yes, will there be any replacement or just atlas chests?

To my understanding, Atlas Chests will replace the Bazaar.

damn why are they getting rid of the bazzar?
does that mean the things we would have been able to get through the bazzar (red rider shards, crafting material shards, haste, gold etc) will be available through the badge chest?
I’m still not entirely sure how to get atlas chest, have a bunch of the badge chest but only have the 2 of the atlas chest from when they handed them out?
Will their be a freebie every day once the bazzar so theirs still something free daily?

Also do you know roughly when the bazzar will get phased out @PGEggToken ?

But I like the one free thingie a day. It’s usually crappy, but once in a while you score a good one.

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I believe one free per day will remain (if not get your pitchforks out!)

The issue is more that you used to be able to see what the deck included so you can decide if you wanna buy or not. With chests it’s all RNG which sucks :soccer:s

PRNG. The sequence is by no means random. They will be showing the drop tables and %s soon, I’m sure. Just like in Classic.

If they integrate freebies, then I’m good. :+1:

It’s still RNG. That’s what the odds are for :joy:

With bazaar you knew what you would get it you opened all. Certainty.

Yeah, I finally hit a free 5 star… 10 rider shards! Please let us keep it!


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