Is The Seasonal Divine Grand Prize Dragon Worth it?

Yeah it is pretty cool and expensive to own it as new dragon onto your WD profile. These dragon have special set of spell combo that stands out from the rest. For example,

  1. Merkt after much complaint on it Health weaknesses and where you could add in the invin.shield. and you won’t have a white death stare so far on any dragon, which I found it useful especially to take down 2 high level farm with one SHOT. This Merkt is good as the follower dragon rather than as the lead dragon.

  2. Moon Fang is fantastic as the lead dragon because it generate back rage superb fast and nice to play with push and pull of the HP during attacking. you won have this full moon spell and speedy rage found on other dragon at the moment.

  3. Neptus, which is the current best dragon just like Iphone X and i really love to have it. Yes costly just like iphone X and it is worth the value IF as below :smile:
    Can we trade back these awesome dragons back for some rubies after 2 season using it which PG can resell as second hand value to other player to own it. ONLY applicable to Grand Prize Divine.

Couple opinions:

  • So giving players a chance to get old divines…please no.
  • Sell it to other players
    Everyone can buy it? If so how will stones be divided?

I see this as being too much work for PG and cause players to report others as hackers because they got a new divine on their profile. Either way, it lets other players obtain old divines…which is a 100% NO

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