Is the Summerflare Mythic worth a punt?

In the new season I was thinking that I might try for the Mythic Warrior as you only need to complete 1 line to be able to get it and then take it to Platinum and get the discount rider, which I think is just possible if my maths is correct…

The question is: for a level 80 E2P just starting Gold is it worth going for the Mythic this time or would a better option be to get a couple of the dragons to Gold/Platinum and the rider instead?


If you are level 80 I’d get dragons to minimum garnet stone, don’t even consider only gold/platinum


The new mythic is extremely balanced maybe a bit OP so if you don’t max it’s Full line it’s pointless to even considering him.

Until Platinum you’ll have a lot of good dragons but you will hate it once you grew that you stopped at a specific stone. I’d say obsidian stone as a Minimum even if that takes you 2 years. We didn’t see a comparable warrior in ages (Algor was the last worth to mention).


In my honesty opinion the Mythic warrior is worth getting, if your going to get him, go all the way if you don’t, you will feel sad/mad because you didn’t get him all the way.

Thanks for the replies.

I did some more maths and I don’t think I will be out of Gold until mid/end Autumn season at the earliest. So, I was struggling to see why or understand why I would want stones past Platinum, as that will take me 2 maybe 3 seasons to get to end of Platinum and I will have new season dragons to play then with not 2 or 3 seasons old ones.

Still can’t decide if the Mythic is good idea but I like the fact I could have one for a couple of seasons to play with :slight_smile:

I trust you know your play style and have calculated accordingly - but even the sapphire wall can be scaled in around 6 months for a active/very active player with planning, so gold and platinum may go faster than you think.

My alt had all hunters since sapphire and I got all stones till emerald/obsidian for them and on Wednesday he will hit emerald and utilizing them all. Very lucky to got the stones for emerald you just need to be patient.

I think you should always focus on one dragon and complete the line. Getting various dragons till gold or platinum is imo (but everyone has a different view) dumb and gets you no where. Bc every season had one or max two good dragons rest are more or less trash.

This season my alt got Fomhar till obsidian and Airbrean till emerald stone which will be an awesome help for another 6 months

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