Is the winter season 20 or 21?

Just looking through old portraits and saw the portraits from last winter say Winter ‘20.

Is that just an error or does winter always say the following year?

Ive always viewed it as the year that it starts in even though 2/3 of it is the following year. Spring is the first official season of the year

But then again PG does weird stuff


I’m pretty sure they’ve always done it this way. It’s a little weird to me but whatevs.


It looks like they skipped Winter 19’

:point_up_2: This is the previous Winter Season, and it’s starting date is '18

However, for Winter Season '19 I see that PG used the ending date rather than the starting date, thus it says '20. :man_shrugging: So, it may be likely that this Winter Season coming up will be '21.


But all winter season will startt in 2020 and end in 2021 so if they decided to use '21 to name it would be reasonable too

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