Is there a comprehensive write-up on how to do zeppelin missions?

I looked at but need more info than that for our newbies.

  • Store all towers but one easy tower.
    (e.g. 2 farms, 2 mills, and 1 storm)
  • Nothing but Ember and Ryuu in roster (to prevent nasty dialog)
  • Speed up 1st mission using rubies, 2nd when under 2h, 3rd when under 4h.
  • Swap Ember for main dragon for rss mission, then swap back.


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That’s it? I thought it was more complicated for some reason :thinking:

Yep, only that.


It’s really very simple :joy::joy:

Mech just goes into detail which may be overwhelming for some people.


Mech says give away food and wood … does that still apply?

That is just to reduce possibility of rss mission.
However, one occasional heal potion is fine IMO

I dont store towers, the tower related missions I get are easy with some egg bases.

-edit- but yeah pretty much is it

Mech is giving away RSS. Just hit his easy base. :slight_smile:
Or you can search for mine too.

Support our players. #FIXTHEBUGS!

Did you click the “geek out” section at the bottom?

You may surprise yourself at the detail i actually give @Sam


What??? It doesn’t look like a button but WOW!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Exactly what I wanted. :kissing_heart:

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Perhaps we can make that a smidge clearer for those wanting details.

We hid it a bit so that we didn’t overwhelm new players with information lol


And here I was thinking Sam had already read it and was overwhelmed :sweat_smile::rofl:


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