Is there a current base builder?

Trying to find a current base builder to help players with their set up but not having any luck. If anyone knows of one I would greatly appreciate it. Apologies if I just didn’t look hard enough.

Try this :+1:t3:


Didn’t see one in there but I am a guy and sometimes can’t see what’s right in front of me. Lol
I did find one but it didn’t have any flaks :crazy_face:

Uhhh. I don’t think anyone’s bothered writing a relevant one and putting it on the forums, actually. Probably because the forums likes to tear apart things without providing constructive feedback.

If you really want one, I wrote one for my team. PM me your LINE ID and I’ll send it to you.


Odin’s videos on bases aren’t bad either

Sorry didn’t explain myself very well. I meant something where you could set up mock layouts for players view. Amoebas has one but only goes up to turrets. I’ve been using my base and ssing the layouts from an alt but kind of a pain with how many I have to do.
Thank you all so much for the responses.
Special thanks to you Kate for carrying on with mechs work. Broke my heart to see him go but very happy for him.

I believe is one of them.
However, seems that the site is down

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Good morning I also used it but when I wanted to support my colleagues I had to resort to Although as mentioned they are not updated with flaks

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