Is there a moto g6 fix?

ok so clearly theres something wrong with this particular phone which i have that the game keeps crashing on after it updated to android 9 and it hasn’t been fixed in what appears to be 2-3 weeks now is there any word at all on a fix coming or did they abandon the phone and saying screw it sucks to be them?

I have a moto g6 plus and I don’t have many bugs except for the missing emojis ever since I updated to Android 9 (bleh) which is not the phone fault. Have you done a reinstallation recently? More often than not a good reinstallation (making sure that you have your Pocket ID) is the way to go to fix most issues.

If the issue isn’t resolved by a reinstallation (or two) you might send a ticket to support, likely they will ask you to reinstall too, but they might also tweak something on their end, hopefully fixing the issue.

Let me know what happens after trying to solve your problems.

Lower your display resolution to 1080p, if is alrdy at 1080, go to down to 720. See if that solves it.

-force restarted
-cleared cache
-uninstalled and reinstalled
-still crashes at 59 percent
-only an issue on Moto g6s running Android 9
-support was unhelpful
-at least it’s not my main account

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled more times than I can count it’s not making a difference at all

I’m very sorry to read that you have many issues. Could you please post your ticket(s) numbers so employees can take a look at it? I think there’s not much more I can help with if you’ve done all this already.

1733849 is mine i’ve also tried using wifi in other places which should have also avoided the problem of possible firewalls at home but same problem that and i’m not comfortable turning off my routers firewall at all and i know its not that cause i was playing the game for weeks before all this