? Is there a New Exotic Rune coming

Hello I opened this discussion to see if PG is coming out with a new exotic ruin this season.


Someone else already asked this just FYI

They said we’re supposed to get one, we just have no clue when

I would love to see a lightning striker… the one with the boost to the super shot damage.


I would love to have storm tower hp based rune

I’d say the season has been exotically ruined already…


Gimme rage!


Exotic enervating rune.


Wouldn’t you feel so great, if your wish were granted…

maybe there will be an exotic dragon in the near future???:thinking:

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I almost thought (hoped, was deluded into hoping…) that the dragon appreciation pack would contain some exotic rune. Very wishful thinking…but shame on me…

They have had DF & FF next Probably will be ice


i hope not. if so i will pass… even though i have one of each flak thats probably one i’m not interested in for sure.

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Maybe a glyph this time… tower/dragon, I’m good with either.


Me too. Hunters beware.

Actually that’s wrong. Ice Flak came out in Winter Season 2018 (before I started playing) and the electro flak came out in Summer 2018.

So next in order of release would be the Ice Flak.

I wasn’t talking about order of release but more popularity since DF, IF & FF are the most popular Flaks but could be earth too. :man_shrugging: But I do not think it would be an electro rune since that seems like the least popular flak tower.

And no I don’t think so, could be wrong but I’m pretty sure ice was before electro…The earth the latest then Electro Flak before that, then Ice.

Yeah, I misremembered. My bad! Teaching teens all day turns the brain to mush…:joy:


Well, new poster is out and no word about a new exotic rune :frowning:
Half the season is already over…

You know summer comes before winter, right? At least, as far as this game is concerned.

EDIT: I’m getting so confused because the start of winter 2018 comes after summer of 2018 but the end of winter 2018 comes before summer 2018.

Maybe seasons aren’t the clearest measurement of time.

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