Is there a point of having that damn bridge

It’s an annoying feature that isnt in the main game either, and eats up a projectile for no reason… acts like a pseudo barrier that forces me to aim a little higher with sorcs or forces me to lose ammo for no good reason…
would love to hear who’s genius idea it was to have something that is supposed to be purely cosmetic into a having an actual gameplay function


Haha his is so true. Cant 1 hit that grp of tower with jul.

Is not a big deal since you can hit it way before turning.

Not if their base starts on middle long

Oh i guess thats true, luckily not many bases are built that way.

Literally have to spend ammo AND wait before the bridge dies before you spend ammo or the ammo gets absorbed like wtf? That second is enough for supershots to go off and it has a direct effect on guys like airbean or avyx when you’re trying to boost your attack and prehit, but half your hits get absorbed by the damn bridge for no reason

Like if you just put a giant tower in the middle of the regular map that blocked attacks I’m pretty sure people would be pissed


Like the guys above you said, this isn’t an issue except for select player bases of a certain size where you can’t destroy it before the turn. I’d just avoid those.

True but it’s still an issue that should’ve been addressed by now to be honest. We can’t just keep going “hey let’s ignore it for now” whenever PG makes a decision

I’ve gotten hundreds of chests off that thing…

Only sux in pvp.

It’s extra shot for hunter
Plus it’s absolutely useless construction…

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Yeah… but it’s not insurmountable. :muscle:

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