Is there a site I could download this game onto my laptop?

Is there a site I could download this game onto my laptop? I have it on my android phone but my phone is acting up and I can’t play any games right now, I’m just really worried my guild will kick me out because I haven’t been on for a week now.

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You need an emulation program for either iOS or Android that will work with the game. I haven’t tried it but used to run other things on my desktop. You’ll probably have to experiment unless someone comes along that has done it. Doubt PG will give you support if you have issues either.

this is for iOS

this is for android.

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You would have a hard time without a touch screen BTW.

This guy claims to have done it but I take no responsibility for this information.

You don’t have an old phone or a tablet?

Don’t worry, they haven’t kicked you yet :rofl:


:rofl::joy: lmao

No I don’t:expressionless:
I don’t feel comfortable downloading stuff like that but thanks anyway.

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I didn’t mean you “need” to. I meant if you want to run the game on a computer you would require emulation software.

I wouldn’t do it, which is why I haven’t tried. I used to use Blustacks a lot but without a surface or something with a touch screen (even with hot keys) it’s a whole different experience playing a mobile game on a computer.

Hope you get your phone fixed.

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I know you meant I didn’t need to. I’m an adult how can tie her own shoes and everything :yum: I was just hoping Dragon Wars’s people would see this and be like,“We should make this thing!” :rofl: But I know it’s a stretch.


sorry, didn’t mean to come across condescending or parental. Was trying to answer your question.

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I have never seen any of this work on an emulator and it shouldnt be because there are too many programs that can exploit the game on pc even in the emulator itself

??? I didn’t think you were to be honest. You were very upfront and honest about everything. I am just not computer savvy enough to trust that I wouldn’t end up hurting my laptop


You cant use an emulator, you need to install an actual Android OS on your hard-drive to boot from, you could also use a VM to install the OS in but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you have a high end PC.

Heads up, you are gonna need an ethernet connection, you can install wifi drivers later but to do that you will need ethernet.

Solution: Get a new phone!!! And maybe one of us might have no problem funding it… (** Cough ** …Tony, Panda ** Cough **)

Jk :joy::joy:

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FYI I tried this with Bluestacks (for android) and it did not work. I successfully downloaded but the game was not playable.

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I used Bluestacks for CoC before I had a smartphone. It was nice being able to play the game that friends were talking about, but I agree, clicking with a mouse just doesn’t compare to having a touch screen.

Go single shot Hunter! You can do eeeeet! :joy:

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Atm only MeMu emulator works with WD and it still gets laggy for some reason. I waited many years for this game to be compatible with emulator, I ended up buying iPad :wink: Tried making a twink on Memu and it works for the most of the time but game tends to crash or not load at all, getting stuck. No idea why, more complex games have no issues on emulators, such as Black Desert Mobile for example.

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LoL… I need a new tablet to play on…*hint hint
I could start a GoFundMe (like) campaign in off topic thread…jk

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