Is there a troll to prove me wrong?

I’ve read it all. The issues, the complaints, the bugs, the changes to create more bugs and the creativity…but there is always those damn wars… “hidden players”

I thought I’d ask in team chat or league chat but changed my mind.

Since I started this game in late 2015, I’ve been an officer in every team and a leader in one. I’ve seen them come and gone. The most trust worthy have been the ones we help trained at low levels with the correct guidance than the ones that are sort of seasoned.

Anyway, what I have gathered, and what means most in this game is obviously none other than War.
A Dedicated player, “Money,” war, Time, “money,” war, dedication, “money” war war war. And time if you have.

On a side note, It really bugs me that when it comes to war, we have players doing xp runs when wars are going on. I for some reason let it go. I guess. I’m not a an officer anymore. Yay! Some rest some how. I’m sure.

Foreign or domestic, “For every DEDICATED team/player, if the teams war time zones are whack, the war is almost equivalent to “smoking…” cigarettes,…unless you’re smoking already😁… having sleepless nights, which I have and 96% of WD players have, defending by yourself while others online are Doing their xp runs. Must be nice. If a player is doing xp runs all the time, fine! … do it as it helps yours dragons, make sure you have a certain amount of teammates online or something…but!, whatever…
I want to see this player in the mvp for once at least. Yes, I believe it’s “tuff” lol sure, and time is of the essence and we have things to do and “Show some war support.” Stop hoarding hammers.

I suggest we have a regular team war rewards (I’m sure this isn’t new). Not just team event rewards. I believe if we have team WAR rewards, more players would stop hoarding their hammers!

Basically what PG has right now BUT WITH REWARDS!

MVP REWARD! Rubies, gold chests…
MOST FLAMES REWARD! Rubies gold chests…
MOST DEFENDED REWARD! Rubies gold chests…

You know… that sort of stuff. … “have the member have something to look for… “if they even care”

Cause if they don’t, there’s always someone who does. :boot:


Sounds like your teammates suck.


Sounds like you want prizes. This is not a good idea because of the following reasons:

  • Team players will fight for the rewards and NOT for the team’s benefit in wars.
    a) Player 1 jumps into every attack to gain the most flames earned.

  • More Wars = more prizes
    a) Team 1 declares so many wars in bronze league. Since there is only 1 player in the team, automatically he/she gets a bucket load of rewards.

  • MVP is for honorable mentions and the players who truly do their very best for the team. It shows who is a team player.

For those who do xp runs during war instead of defending, well you can kick them but if it’s a team that has war everyday…that’s ridiculous if you were to kick them.


I see no reason the MVP shouldn’t be rewarded with SOMETHING.

The majority of your post is really specific to your team and Your league. You are either playing with a group that doesn’t know how to do Wars, are overextending yourself a notch beyond what you are actually competitive as, or are just at a low league where that kind of stuff is prevelant (mostly because of lack of knowledge and discipline).


These two replies are exactly what I was leaning towards. I totally agree with both … and there is no reason to have created such a post. The team and league is fine but, it’s good to know the thoughts are virtually out there.

Just sharing a thought from 2016.

:rofl::beers:at the time yes​:beers:

I wrote this post a long time ago in an app and found last night. It’s appears things haven’t changed​:grin::metal:t2::beers:

Id be more for limiting the effect a single player can have on a war over rewarding them.

Limit the number of defends a player is allowed
Limit the number of follows a player is allowed (this would be a good compromise on the merc thing also)

Force the rest of the team to get involved if they want to win.

Keyword “force” … muahahaha :smiling_imp:

Send a team message telling people to not do that the I would just kick the next person you see do an Exp run during a tight war… if that doesn’t send the message kick the next one as well. But I’m harsh like that…

Diamond ways :smiling_imp::rofl:

Ya don’t put up with that crap. It’s hard enough getting people on for wars, it’s just plain insulting if they are on and not helping.

I would do the same even being a low level. jk :hugs::yum:

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