Is there a way to file a complaint against an independent contractor working with PG?

Beside writing a letter to PG upper management and/or investors - is there anyway to file a grievance against a player working directly with PG as an independent contractor?

It doesn’t make any business sense to have those working with PG in any capacity to use the forums and badger paying customers.

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I think your best bet is to talk to that person with a personal message.

The problem with writing is that its very open to interpretation. I find some GPF to come across as a bit condensensing, arrogant and not really caring about any opions contrarian to their own. Sometimes their responses can be a bit backhanded without providing sufficient context about why their opinion has more weight than your own.

But on talking to these people with a PM I discovered that they didn’t mean anything by their comments. They just value writing efficiently. Sometimes culture differences or personality differences. For example “Red” people tend to get things done with little social finess. Delivering results to them is more important than the relationship. They can deliver stern words but they also don’t mind copping the flak as well.

Vs “blue or green” where they make effort to explain things and go into detail being careful not to be offensive. Often the downside is too many words and not making a coherent message that can be easily interpretated due to no clear structure.

So all personalities have pros and cons. Honestly we need everyone from many different backgrounds.

Anyway - I would talk to the person first, if no good then maybe PGJared or someone like that.

Management/ Shareholders probaly won’t get any traction unless specific laws have been broken.

But it does suck to feel that way. It can really ruin your day which is not the purpose of a game. Games should be fun. All opinions here should be a safe place. Discussion and debate is healthy and should be encouraged in a respectful way. No one has all the right answers all of the time.

I am a red personality so I can come across as a d1ckhead more often than not - I often don’t realise my comments could be taken the wrong way. Something for me to try and improve on. I even tried to write this post more like a “green” detailed person. Very hard to do for someone like me that needs to see continuous immediate action.

I think most people here appreciate your contribitions to the forums Doom - hope everything gets resolved + try to have an awesome day!


At this point I’m either going to send a letter to upper management and investors with evidence; unless, there is an official procedure for which I can’t find.

Prefer to use official procedures first.

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I wonder if you’re talking about whom I think you’re speaking… :thinking::rofl:

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For most companies its basically just an escalation process.

Im sure if you reach out to PGJared he can take you through the steps. I’m sure they have a HR department that will investigate the situation and gather evidence and then perform a ruling. If they are a third party provider then perhaps HR will need to work with Supply Chain / procurement.

If thats not satisfactory then it can be escalated to the next level which would be management or to a government body with regulatory oversight which is different country to country.

Shareholders are more interested in holistic big picture things that impact growth and the dividend like climate change targets vs an internal complaint. They may have an interest if its widespread/ class action but unlikely to even look at a single case. I think PG is mostly privately owned by Tencent anyway so probably zero possibility of an outcome going that route.

Same for management they will likely not step in until the HR subject matter experts and professionals in that area opine into the discussion. Thats not because they dont care its just that their are of experise is delevloping people and achieving the business plan.

HR is really the most appropriate starting point.

@PGJared is who you want to escalate this to.

This got interesting , assuming you want to complain about a specific person that we all understood about , let me confirm you gpf’s are not independent contractors but volunteers who spend their free time testing with pg , and their forum time is well still their free time to help this community understand a lot more of the game .

If this is about to escalate like this then you should message @PGJared and @DragonPunch .

Have fun :saluting_face:

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Pretty sure no faction members on contractors. Maybe some creators factions but I am not certain.

Most are simply volunteers with specialist skills. Just speak to Jared or the community manager.

But I am not sure what the problem with these volunteers using their free time to express their opinions on the forum is? They have their views and they don’t have to match up with you. Unless something drastically different has happened?




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Which thread do i need to go to?.. please :eyes::woozy_face:

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What he did?

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Okay okay let’s not throw around insults otherwise the moderators will instead close the thread for anyone who says stuff like this. It accounts for a small amounts of people on the thread.

However I have no idea who this independent contractor is , but sounds kinda messed up for a game that’s about Dragons not blood feuds.

PG hires assassin ninjas to take out unruly players they don’t like? Was wondering what happened to the endangered Panda….


That sounds pretty unrealistic….

I’d like to introduce you to a thing in game called Atlas


Well, even before atlas when wars meant something… :eyes:


Do not remind me of the amount of sleep I gave up back then. I will cry for reals.