Is there a way to increase chances for legendary gear craft



I use to play game of war they had a forge for gear for hero like a certain gear you need these materials and then those must be brought up to lvl 6 if all materials were lvl 6 the gear would be 100% chance of legenday, but if one material was lvl 5 you had a 80/20 chance to get the legendary the ration would pretty much be 70/30 60/40 50/50 40/60 so on so forth it’s just a suggestion crafting over and over it’s really becoming annoying getting rates and epics then you have to upgrade the legendary crafts I know I’m not the only that feels this way


My first question will be…
Is there any way to increase chances for legendary gear craft?


IMO legendsry gear crafting is in a good place right now, is much easier than what it used to be. More people are taking to elite now which is also much easier now with the atlas elite pack. I suggest not wasting materials on lvling legendary, safe them for elite gear.


What about the free to play players I know about the paying side


The rate is good for now.


Scrolls aren’t too rare to the point of lacking, in my opinion. The spenders have more shards to level things or speed up forging gear to see results. The free to play just have to take time.

I don’t see an issue with the legendary rate as it is.


No it’s not … the odds flat out suck. Wtf


So, what will you say about overpriced epic seasonal gears?


It’s easy when you buy paccks but the free players another story area I’m at I’m going for the wind gear and those ain’t near me


I don’t purchase it…


You don’t need any packs. Atlas elite will help a lot more than what packs do. But even that is unnecessary. Doing well in atlas events and at least being a little active in atlas to finish one or two lines a season will give more shards and scrolls than ever necessary. Now all you’ve got to do is keep the forge running for the gears you need, and it takes about a month or less to get all 8 pieces. :man_shrugging:
IMO, that’s a very generous rate compared to how all else is priced, money/effort wise.


It’s 5% drop rate for legendary. That’s low, but crafting is super cheap for what you get for it. And you only need so many legendary pieces. Getting scrolls may be difficult early on, but if you play actively in atlas it will give you the scrolls.

You can go a long time without a legendary, but then you’ll get several in quick succession. My long dry spell so far was 94 non-legendary. At 3 hrs per piece, that’s just 12 days of crafting to get through that.


5% is plenty, I’ve only had atlas for about 6 months and haven’t even forged any gear for the last 3 because I don’t have much use for more than the 5 legendary sets I made so far. Leveling a set is way more work than making one, there’s really no need to make the crafting of the base set even easier.


See in game of war we had a chance to get legendary crafts I went so far on the 60/40 chance of a legendary crafts I got it but would not take that risk again 5% that’s just seem wrong they could upgrade the forge where that right there would increase


A better question would be “have they changed legendary drop rates lately?”

Because to me it feels like it’s slower. I obviously don’t have the data but I do have 10 legendary sets worth of experience…


How late do you mean, because I got my final element set about a month ago or so, and I remember it took me less than 50-60 crafts to get all 8.


Last 3-4 weeks?


Not sure then. Haven’t crafted any in the last month. I think the game files have the probability set at 5% or something right ? I remember Savage had this data, and orca says 5% too … so I am guessing it’s still the same :man_shrugging:


At least the file says no.


That’s about 460 crafts. My last weeks of crafts were on-trend or positive. :woman_shrugging: