Is there a way to increase chances for legendary gear craft



:man_shrugging: it’s a full legendary set every 20 days if you keep crafting. How many sets do you really need?


Oh ok then. My memory must be faulty :rofl:


It takes time, but for a Legendary it’s a pretty good rate even now. I’ve been crafting gear constantly last 4 days, was doing only ice set rotating 3 or 4 different items. Wasn’t tracking too closely in which order the rarity dropped, but I got 1 legendary piece in the beginning of that week as I started, and got another 2 legendary pieces yesterday (4 days after the first one). So it’s 3 legendary in 4 days and only 30 crafts total.

But to be honest, all that crafting process runs on the background almost unnoticed because there are more important things going on in the core game and atlas that I’m not paying attention too much and eventually find myself with another Leg. set every month or so :slight_smile:

And I’m not a spender, but crafting scrolls overflow, I can’t use them up faster than I get them from atlas events so the number grows crazily.


Not really; you just haven’t been crafting long enough :slight_smile: Try performing better in Atlas events for more scrolls and crafting materials.

Two seasons worth of on and off crafting got me 43 legendary items. You’ll get everything you need eventually.


Got 6 legendaries since the crafting event. I thought they buffed it TBH.


I’m now working on my last legendary set. 1 defense legendary and one defense elite of same element, then one of each element for offense.

5% is fine.

And no there is a pattern to the crafting, no current ways to cheat the system to get a higher %


Not all have castles, of all elements


its about 800k primary per set, not much random about it


I don’t think it’s so much the cost of the shards for the crafting of full sets, it’s more about the length of time it takes certain people.

The only thing i can recommend is to do continuous crafting in your forge, 100% of the time. Only forging them during crafting events will lead to a significantly longer real life time to get them. Upgrade your pieces during the crafting events, but craft always.


Take in consideration that im actually seeing the difference between a free account and money account money talks and the rest walks


How many crafts are you basing this off of?

Do you have actual numbers or just a gut feeling? Because these are definitely skewed most of the time due to ruby speed ups vs not.

My no money account is on it’s 6th full legendary set as i stated above, that’s not too bad. It has it’s ups and downs, periods of drought and then fulfillment. If your number of crafts is any less than several thousand then you are probably in different sections or the array in your two accounts…


That is exactly what I am doing


You must have used your amazing Xray-vision, seeing the crafts of hundreds of free and … I guess non-free? Elite? whatever accounts from your home and tracking them all meticulously.

Either that, or you’re just yelling random stuff with zero facts.


I am regular E2P and I craft constantly outside of events and only upgrade gear during events. I fill my queue with different pieces of the same element (never two earth shields queued up for instance).

The return is best for first few upgrades, after level 3 or 4 it gets quite expensive for the percentage buff you gain.

I am working on my last set of legendary gear (Earth). Though no decent dragon yet. Cav doesn’t count… LOL

Atlas since August.


For whale players it doesn’t take long to complete a set on my paying account I have every set compared to free account it’s vice versa


A bit off topic, but the return per shard varies a lot depending on what item you upgrade. For example, upgrading a shield to level 6 will give you better percentage buff per shard than upgrading a helm to level 2.


Well of course not. You spend rubies to speed up hundreds of crafts in a single day vs waiting 12 days of real time for that 100 crafts to be done. What would you expect?


I’m looking at the forge my only guess when upgrade is available it will relate to reduce forge times and increase ratio drop of legendary gear IF PG WAS SMART :grin:


Wait, its easier for spenders to buy something than it is for grinders to grind it? Revolutionary thinking there :roll_eyes:


On topic: