Is there a way to increase chances for legendary gear craft



Legendary gear drops aren’t too bad. In the most recent crafting event, i pulled four-five pieces of legendary gear. Adding something that makes the chances higher might be a good idea but not a good idea at the same time.


Yeah. It’s usually that thing like people want an OP dragon but don’t want to be hit by an OP dragon. 100% agree with you .


I haven’t spent money outside of elite for over a year. I have a full defence legendary set, a mostly fully upgraded wind offence set, a full (minus weapon and shield due to elite) fire offence set, And earth and dark misc legendary gear. All f2p. I have never spent any money buying shards or scrolls.

Legendary rates are fine. Time consuming sure but for the stats they give I don’t think they should be easy to get. People should not have a full set of legendary for each dragon easily.


Don’t have a full set for dragons? Then what’s the point


I don’t have 100m dollars, so what is the point of getting 1m.



I mean one piece gives 15%. What’s bad about that’s? It’s more than you had. You don’t NEED full legendary gear


Don’t forget fully upgraded


The base weapon or shield is something like 15% if I remember rightly.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not opposed to making it less time consuming. But I’m not for it either. I don’t see gear (outside of how stupidly broken the stats are) as an issue. The benefits are huge. And once you have the gear you can move it and keep it indefinitely. It shouldn’t be easy to get


I would like a complete set of each element for starters. I’d like to know what I’m doing wrong. I am crafting every day, only level elite and legendary during event, and I don’t have one complete set yet. I’ve been doing nothing but ice for the last 2-3 weeks and only have 3 legendary pieces so far. Are you saying within the next week 5 will drop for me?


If mechanisms are put in place to speed up getting gear, then PG will just have to release something new faster. The fact that things take time is important to game stability.

Yes we live in a world where people in general want things now, but that is not necessarily for the best. It’s the battle to get to the top that is the challenge. Once we are there if there are not new challenges most people lose interest. It would be more effective to slow the top end than speed the bottom end. But it’s a tricky balance.

I’m hoping that the next new thing is set up to take a LOT of time to accomplish so that spenders don’t get it in a heart beat and the cycle continues to swirl down the toilet bowl.


While on average you could get 8 legendaries in 20 days crafting nonstop, in reality they come in bunches and then dry patches and it takes a lot of crafting before your results converge on that average. People report dry spells up to a couple of weeks of constant crafting. (Also 25ish % of the time you’re doing upgrades instead of new crafts - which is good, you should upgrade during events, but you have to consider it when you count how long it’s taking to get stuff.)

Make sure you don’t queue more than one of the same item, as it is common to get two legendaries in a row or in quick succession. That means you’ll need to plan what set you want next and start mixing it in after you get a few more ice pieces.


There isn’t a trick to it or anything. There is an exact cycle. The drops go through this list and then reset from the beginning. You may be going through a dry spell in the list. It happens and we all get exactly the same dry spell when we get there. There is an absolutely disgusting dry spell in there somewhere. Just keep plowing through and it’ll pick up


Pray to your god


Yeah I think I’m in the middle of that right now. It’s so dry I thought rates had changed but orca confirmed they haven’t…


There are various patterns here, some get one legendary occasionally, and others get some pieces suddenly with a long unrelevent crafting Inbetween (that’s me)


If you come across the 90+ crafting without legendary phase, switch to shield / weapon to get them without having to waste too many scrolls :stuck_out_tongue: 90+ craft is a 99% chance the next piece is a legendary.


For the statistics, I’ve got another 2 ice pieces today, totalling with 5 legendary pieces in 5 days and just a bit under 40 craftings.
That’s a damn good rate when you actually start paying attention :smile:


Reason I made this thread is WHAT ABOUT THE FREE PLAYERS it’s more tedious and the element of the gear is also another factor yes you can gather from events but let’s say you need fire shards only elements near are white blue purple etc except the one element you need, so you must move into unfriendly territory then let’s talk about the rising cost when you upgrade gear yeah if ones willing to grind its possible there’s many different viables to consider


Outside of elite, I am a free to play player. Like I said I have NEVER spent money on shards.

I have multiple legendary sets. It was not a challenge. It was just time consuming. I have been crafting gear almost constantly for weeks now and I am not out of scrolls yet. Yeah it’s tedious but it’s for the second best boosts in the game. It shouldn’t be easy

Upgrading sure, I get that. But just making it is not that difficult or hard as a free player.

Hell part of atlas is the whole “we want more of this shard. Let’s work out how to take a castle that gives us that”.


I’m E2P only, and my team has all sorts of shards, but most of the shards of the colour I need I’m getting from Atlas season branches. Events help too, of course, as well as team ranking. But nothing gives as much as reward boxes from seasonal elite gear lines. The whole line contains hundreds of thousands of shards, and you can choose which colour you need most for upgrading and go for it.

While it seems like much of effort, it pays out well. When I just got Atlas last summer I had no even Atlas elite and I was little level, and honestly when I saw requirements for prizes I thought I wont ever finish even 1 line, maybe won’t make it to the first gear. But that first season I’ve completely finished 2 full branches. (without even elite those days, and having not much time to play) It is now that my needs grow and I’m growing in level too, and prices for gear grow I choose to have elite most of the time, but It’s not a requirement for success.