Is there a way to increase chances for legendary gear craft



It depends: legendary drops seem to cluster. It’s a well known fact that every player will hit “slumps” where they get no legendaries for extended periods; sometimes the slump can be over 100 pieces. After such a slump, you tend to hit a cluster of legendary drops, though. Using myself as an example: it took me about 115 tries to get legendary fire defensive boots. I made about 90 attempts with no legendaries; then I got Gunnar and started working on ice gear for Malus. Within 9 days I got 6 pieces of Legendary offensive ice gear with only two fear crafting slots open and without spending a single ruby to speed crafting up. After that I went back to the d fire boots and finally got legendary after about 20-25 more attempts. Keep at it, you’ll get there!


Is your legendary gear maxed


What does maxed have to do with the chances of a legendary craft?


One of my sets is maxed. 4 legendary 4 elite.
My next set is a mix of level 8s and 10s, with 5 legendary 3 elite.


I doesn’t but that also a blankety blank


money money money the power of moooooney


Mech is a free player.


:thinking: Isn’t he more like a pure crazed E2P player? The most ideal form of what a pure E2P can be?
IIRC, he has elite… Or am I wrong?


Mmm, maybe he has $$ Elite. I always forget. Oh and he bought a $20 pack once (and was really disappointed with himself), but that wasn’t YEARS ago


I play elite. Regular and 80% or the time Atlas elite as well :slightly_smiling_face:


For some reason I thought you had Ruby elite.


I wish.
Maybe @Sam can advocate for me to be added to that list :joy::joy:


No of course it’s not. I spend my time crafting the gear of one element while saving shards to upgrade another. They are all steadily being worked on but I don’t have maxed sets yet.

I’m not sure how this is relevant to a “should gear crafting be made easier” discussion though


There’s grinding, then there’s mechcatting :rofl:



Working on fire set now
Also getting ice defense weapon/shield ATM so that will be on defense rider and eventually be put on Tarand while the farm rider will get the regular legendary 10s


Not using a mythic for perch?


Don’t have Algor
Perch above L30 doesn’t do me any good
The next hope is UVS :slight_smile:


Why not just one tinsy winsy level to 31 so you can put Mehaten on there? Or does your OCD not allow it? :rofl:

And yes I know you’ve been crafting ice gear…


Mehaten is dark, not ice. The small hp bonus for 1 random tower isn’t worth it until an ice mythic warrior comes around (UVS)


Fire actually :eyes::joy:

Yeah ok - you’re already invested in ice gear. So you going for UVS then?