Is there a way to increase chances for legendary gear craft



Oh right. LOL
I am, just not sure if it’s worth it to leave him in sapphire tier or level him to obsidian to make him semi useable


Off topic: Lutrus says he’s good :man_shrugging: I’m waiting to see what they do to Surt before deciding what I want to do for the rest of the season…


Surprisingly enough, since the rest of emp suck so much, he might be the best emp legendary as well :slight_smile:

Fwiw my UVS is around 6.4b ap now, and does ok vs double defended max bases, and gets shut down hard vs 3 defenders.

By “ok” i mean I can 70% of the time get a 40-50% clear, 15% I can clear 70+, and 15% i get my timing wrong and land on an iceflak, which generally means <10% clear and no rage :confused:


It sure looks like a dragon with a good skill cap!


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You must be new to this game. :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy:


The nerf is coming and most of the community will celebrate it. Even those WITH Surt as long as they don’t just remove its viability.

Though this isn’t the place to discuss surt.


Isn’t that the way of everything :grin:


Please remain on topic. There are other threads to discuss how to nerf/balance Surt. This thread is about increasing the chance to craft legendary gear.


I say they can up grade forge to reduce time on spells and increasing chances of crafting a legendary gear





Tbh im surprised they havent released highly rare and valuable items that guarantee rarity on 1st try… i guess then they might want different %s within the rarity type itself