Is there a way to see inventories?

Evolve stones specifically

Would be nice to see everything though

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Not at the moment, you’ll have to start up a ticket at the help desk and ask what stones you have.

Wow! Just wow.

It’s less than ideal, for sure, and we hear you on an inventory system! This is actually something I’m very interested in implementing into the game, myself.

I’ve sent off a suggestion to our dev team regarding an inventory system, and we’ll be sure to let you know if one is set to come sometime down the road!


We need to be able to see how many hastes we have in Atlas, too.

I would recommend it be in the forge. Create another tab for energy, haste, evo stones etc.


Love this idea

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I thought there was talk even back when we first got the stones of at least adding them to the egg fragment screen as an interim solution?

I also asked for this in an old forum post.


And there was another thread somewhere re-discussing mockups from the old forums:


This should not be difficult. The game does track (obviouslY) what stones you have. It does occasionally make mistakes though. I would be nice to know all your stones are properly being recorded. Not everyone who claimed an Obsidian stone has used it, Some may be a long time before using it. How would the player possibly prove they did claim a stone for 18 or 24 months ago? Sure, it’s no longer cutting edge, but as long as you have not outleveled your dragons, this should not really be an issue.

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Just to confirm I’m understanding what I see. The first line is where the dragon is, your Kinnarus is fully evolved. 2nd line is the stones you have and third is what was not claimed.

I think it would be a very good idea to show which stones you have, but I think the mockup image is very unclear, the last two lines almost look the same. I’ve photoshopped the image a little to make the concept more clear. Not the most beautiful thing ever, but at least you can see the incomplete stone, and you can tell what color it is. I’m sure PG are much better at making it look good anyway.


Yes, that was in the other thread with various other options as well. mechengg also had one of the stones showing in the popup with the levels.

@Aphrodite32 Yep, correct

A long discussed idea which PG sounded interested in doing, but I suspect it hasn’t make it into a high enough priority.

EDIT: Sometimes the forums suggest topics that really are much older than should be suggested.

Id love to see pg kick out some data to a server that was accessible by the peasants. Sort of a one way deal that updates daily or something.

I bet some of the talented members of this community would build some pretty neat tools for looking at that data.
The log in part to protect data that some might consider personal might be a bit tricky though.

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