Is there a way to test out dragons for the player base

Basically having a trial run for a week for all the new dragons including mythics for players to test out and give their feedback I know CF does that, but players like me would like to try out the dragon(s) themselves as I told others but whatever a player does with the dragon does not count towards anything like events/egg token missions etc

Just to see if the dragon is suitable for players not saying anything to replace CF I go off what I can see because not everyone has the lvl 10 gear nor the rider(s) for the dragon and when their week is up they too can give feedback to PG on any discrepancies about that dragon just a thought that’s all


I think this is a great idea- it would be good for new dragons to be tested on lower level bases too

That’s the GPF. Cf does other things.

What are your specific suggestions? How would they test it? Are you talking pre season like a public test environment? Or are you talking about at the start of the season?

What specifically would they not count towards?

I am not against having a few trial runs but…. I am not quite sure I think the feedback side of things will change anything. The GPF tend to be pretty reasonable with balance. And the community at wide seems more interested in brute forcing power creep through. That and PG is notoriously slow to respond to feedback, if they ever do.


I think PG already tried this with Namaka.
The idea is good, but it’s probably not that simple…


My concern is everyone is talking about atlas “oh it’s slow” I don’t care about atlas I care about the dragon’s efficiency and viability if it’s not to the player’s standard on atlas oh well, when I say nothing is counted on the dragon being tested out I mean nothing is counted since players would use those test dragons to exploit the game yes it can be used in events but it’s not going to count the points ita so players can get a feel of that dragon, if it suits their style of flying, if not just send the pros and cons of the dragon to pg on the feed back

Just throwing out ideas to keep the game fresh like when I introduce something new in my restaurant we have the taste and critique session with the inner circle then we see what can do to make it better and efficient to restaurant speed and quality once that part is successful then we introduce it to the people to have them try the food. It’s a hit or miss but in the end we all learn from the experience

I feel like that answered literally nothing I asked.

I am not against testing dragons but we do need a few details.

Not sure how atlas relates to this

This is exactly what GPF do, as I said, I like the idea of just try all the mythics so you can choose which one you liked more.

I’m not sure how can PG make it happens, I don’t know anything about coding but this it seems something can break the game lol

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Well they need to be fired or disciplined because some mythics are too weak or too strong, I want to get Avernic but since the surt incident I said it’s gonna be a long time before I pick a sorcerer mythic

Kinnarix was good too IMO

They give feedback, this doesn’t mean that PG then takes them into consideration.

Anyway, back on topic… maybe @PGMatt can enlightening us about the coding side of the idea… when he wakes up…


Bit much… bit excessive


Actually we don’t test the dragon, we are here for making content with the dragon and present the dragons to the community.

But yes, that is the reason why I’ve started streaming this season, because I want to show how the dragons behave when they don’t get equipped with the best options.


I think he meant that CF can use (for making content) the dragons before the normal players

CF in my opinion are legends some of the best flyers on this game even though @Taco doesn’t like to fly hunters I seen her fly them she is just as good as the next hunter flyer I like hunters because of their complexity and difficulty but I don’t want to be tribalistic and just get hunter mythics I like to have other types of mythics yes I have ikaros and nockmar even though i just got him based on his “I will destroy your base” look I like variety but seeing the same old concept and PG not taking any constructive criticism on a dragon until after the fact is the only thing that bothers me

Like right now a employee asked me about adding a sticky chicken recipe to the menu right now that’s what I’m currently doing what I must take in consideration on the dish is can I make it either spicy or not spicy option but without effecting the taste, like one I could not do because it’s a Indian dish which is the peanut butter chicken

PG quite famously ignores feedback from all factions and from players for years. Even the changes they do make are late. I am not sure what adding game wise testing would add if they don’t listen to the best fliers now.

Sure. But they don’t test dragons. That’s the GPF. Let’s give respect where it’s due for the people who do that particular work.

Ok. I am not sure how this relates to the topic?


The people who do that type of work must not pay attention to details like against tough bases defended double and triple defended, it’s like a scientific experiment take all the variables and go through them all (x)amount of times

If you mean the GPF I am sure they do exactly that. These aren’t bad players.

If you mean PG then sure probably not.

Please be clear who you are referring to


I say until we can determine who is the culprit I will hold both sides accountable someone has not to either saying a I discrepancy or PG failing to correct a issue until after the fact

So…. Guilty until proved innocent?
You know full well pg has gone against the advice of the GPF? Multiple times? PG signs off on EVERY dragon?

There is a guilty party. It’s PG. Don’t pin their stuff on the GPF


Ill reply in this thread once.

GPF is a ADVICE role for PG.
We test the dragons (yes with 1/2/3 defenders when available). GPF doesnt sign off on any dragon decision, we make suggestions and PG uses that to what they think is best, agreeing with GPF or not.

Anyone who knows me, knows l, and most of GPF,absolutely love flying defended runs so this is just a blind assumption to be untrue.

As for testing all dragons for the player base. How will this be monitored, people will abuse this in pvp, atlas and gain a unfair advantage. The amount of time PG has to invest to give every player the dragons, runes, riders will not be sustainable.

They did try this with the shrine dragon, and it broke the game. Ryuu is sacred not to be touched.