Is there any spell more worthless than Self Destruct? Vote Here!

Self Destruct is such an awful, awful cheat. Just because you cast it doesn’t mean you get to use it. The defender still gets to take all his shots while your dragon makes the ultimate sacrifice. Which means you can’t REALLY use it to take out strong islands. Strong islands get to kill you anyway without taking damage. And why isn’t this spell white? Committing suicide doesn’t deserve to bypass a mage tower? It’s like Pocket Gems thought they had to give these dragons a spell, but hated doing it thiiiiiiis much. I thought sacrifice was a garbage spell, but pretty sure Self Destruct is the worst.



Actually, just because you activate self destruct, doesn’t mean you have to use it. If you don’t mind the cost, it’s a nice way to get an invincible dragon while your amo recharges :slightly_smiling_face: Just make sure you do NOT touch the screen at all while the spell is active.


I cannot tell if this is part sarcasm or not. Or I just can’t comprehend what you’re saying because I’m tired as hell :man_shrugging: As @LizDrakemoor said, use it to “rest” and recharge your ammo.

I’d say that this is a pretty darn useful spell. Rage drained? Not anymore.
Plus, I’m fairly certain that no dragons beyond Green have SD. If you really have no use for it, just… don’t use it. Ignore it. :t_rex:

It makes u immune to mage drains as well. I use it all the time not for ammo though


I did not know about the immune to mage drain bit! Good to know :blush:

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I didn’t know anything about this before! Thanks for the info!

FYI, Summon Warrior is pretty useless when there’s Summon Hellspawn, Dodo Guardian, Lightning Familiar, and others that are WAY stronger

We talking about base spell or consumable?


Summon Warrior is incredibly useful. Coming around the corner to a couple of level 60 dark flaks that a defender has activated? Easy, throw up the warrior to take the super shots so you can survive and kill the towers.


Idk if he is talking about the consumable or merk.

Except these are passive spells so they’re not all that comparable to active/rage-using spells. :t_rex:

Agree with you… summon warrior is useful in its own way

Edit: its just that some people comment just for the sake of posting a comment lol just sayin

If it’s native spell, I’m thinking of fireball…
Too much rage to use…

Not to mention its glitchiness :persevere: :t_rex:

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How about Elemental Mayhem…


Was great.

Until all the elemental flaks showed up and a spell that should affect them does not.

Oh wait… NO “old” spell that should affect them does.

I wonder why that is?

The Damn things use elemental embers… And are named for the elements in the game… But if something we could make in the forge could be used against these “premium” towers… Oh, the outrage…

It’s idiotic that we cannot forge spells that affect the flaks.


Well, aside from death gaze anyway :laughing:

Most useless spell is, imo, poison resist.

I suppose it matters up through blue… Maybe purple. But probably not even that long.


Eh, is it allowed to mention passive one?

Reverse affects fire flak death explosion…

All the shields still protect from the flaks, although explosive shield is worthless. Cloak still cloaks from flaks, and freeze still freezes them. Lockdown locks them down