Is there any spell more worthless than Self Destruct? Vote Here!


Poison resist can be ok when running a baby dragon on an invader base :man_shrugging:

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I’m low level, but I heard that one obsidian hunter spell is useless (forget the name, halve ammo cost, reduced AP)



Haha… Not really what I meant…

DG “affects” them… And so does invincibility… And cloak… But not really what I was talking about…

Invert?. Nope.
Reverse projectiles? Nope
Elemental mayhem? Nope.

But they are projectiles… They are not beams and are not treated as beams in any other situation.

Resists? Not that you can forge and add to a dragon.

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Flak is its own category. And invert/reverse does affect the fireflak, as I noted



Exactly… So it’s not they they can’t do it… How is the death explosion different?



Death explosion is a projectile. You can actually see it flying at you



They are all projectiles. Unless you are saying they are not? What is “flak”? What does a flak jacket protect from?

They have defined the older spells in such a way that they exclude flaks.



I believe everything thrown by flaks are projectile, as they are all affected by flash.



Flash is defined as dodging all attacks except beam. Not as only dodging projectile attacks

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Or they forget to update the old spells when they introduced flaks



That’s a new one. I learnt something today thanks! :hugs:



In game, there are three tower attack types.

Beam, which travels nearly instantly from tower to a dragon in a beam or bolt

Projectile, which shows a visible weapon, such as a mage shot or cannon ball, that travels from the tower to the target

Flak: an invisible attack that is fired then explodes around the dragon after a certain time has elapsed. If the dragon cloaks, it explodes prematurely between the dragon and the tower



This is a fantasy game. It is not all going to correlate with real life.

I have not seen any mages hurling rage draining blasts of magic in real life either.




identifier displayName attackType buildingClass buildingType buildingCategory
String LocalizedString String String String String
archerTower Archer Tower archer archer TOWER archerTower
cannonTower Cannon Tower cannon cannon TOWER cannonTower
stormTower Storm Tower storm storm TOWER stormTower
ballista Ballista ballista ballista TOWER ballista
mageTower Red Mage Tower aura AURA mageTower
mageBlueTower Blue Mage Tower aura AURA mageBlueTower
trebuchet Trebuchet trebuchet trebuchet TOWER trebuchet
lightningTower Lightning Tower lightning lightning TOWER lightningTower
iceTurret Ice Turret ice ice TOWER iceTurret
fireTurret Fire Turret fire fire TOWER fireTurret
elementalFlakDark Dark Flak Tower flak flak TOWER elementalFlakDark
elementalFlakFire Fire Flak Tower fireFlak flak TOWER elementalFlakFire
elementalFlakIce Ice Flak Tower iceFlak flak TOWER elementalFlakIce

I think there are more than that. :slight_smile:

As for elemental mayhem… here why it doesn’t work on Flaks (has nothing to do with they can’t do it):

Elemental Mayhem Causes elemental towers to go haywire and attack each other. (So, it SHOULD apply to flaks, which are ELEMENTAL).

But it does NOT affect flaks because the spell is specifically targeted to the following:

Yes it’s a fantasy game… But they are projectiles. Even by your own definition.

As for what is a beam:

identifier inBundle speed launchDuration invertible dodgeable viewControllerClassName
stormProjectile 1 100 0 0 0 BeamProjectileViewController
blue_mage_special 1 75 0 0 0 BeamProjectileViewController
fireTurretSpecial 0 100 0 0 0 BeamProjectileViewController
iceTurret 0 100 0 0 0 BeamProjectileViewController

There ya go. :slight_smile:



Granted, what you said is correct in as much as how the game functions.

My point is that the function is both inconsistent and nonsensical.

But I deviate from the OP, so I will be quiet now. :angel:



Is File Support Ticket considered a spell? It’s pretty worthless.



Ballista resist?



This one wins the Troll Award :1st_place_medal: :joy::joy::joy:



God I really hope the flash spell doesn’t look at view controller classes to determine whether a tower is affected… Would explain the crazy bugs we keep seeing though, if the data structure is that messed up.



Self destruct can dodge mages, petty useful if you ask me

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