Is there any spell more worthless than Self Destruct? Vote Here!


Blue mage doesn’t make sense as a beam, since you can invert/reverse it like a projectile.

I like to think that there are 3 types of tower attacks as well.
Bullets, anything that travels through the air and can be reflected or frozen midair (I’m counting cloaking as a freeze since the bullets stop midair).
Beams, nearly the same as bullet, but with a higher rate of fire and cannot be frozen (think machinegun fire, and you’ll still take a little damage if you cloak after they start shooting).
Burst, anything without a time lag between attack animations (think really fast bullet, hits the instant it’s fired).


It’s not.

I looked more later and found that the blue mage uses a projectile other than the one you would think… It’s just the “prj_bld_magetower_01” – go figure.


Elemental mayhem


Shucks, yes, you have my vote, what the heck is mayhem supposed to do? And why does it not work half the time?


It’s supposed to make “elemental” towers attack each other. Except for some innane reason, PG decided, in their infinate wisdom, that Flaks do not count as “elemental” towers :expressionless:


Stoneskin Shield is crap.

Cure poison is also almost useless past the very early levels.


Also it barely does any damage and lasts really short. Even on an island filled with lightning towers it’s pretty much useless.




I wish someone finally took the time to sort the names and categories, as this whole mess makes my head spin.

I keep guessing why the Flak thingies are called Towers, when they are rather cannons… Flak Cannons.


Thanks, he gets it.


When they changed Sage’s lightning spell to blue. :face_with_raised_eyebrow::man_facepalming:


That was really sad. I really liked Sage. And I’d committed to him before they redid everything and made kinnarus the obvious best choice (or borg, for the hunter fans).

And all my saved super thunderstorms… Changed to worthless red.

I’ll keep them as collectibles now. They have no value as weapons.


Sage and Kinnarus were separate seasons :eyes: It was Sage, Fae, and Aster in the spring, and then Zamrok, Kinnarus, and Borgian in the summer.


Ah… It all runs together. Lol.

You are right.


They changed Sages lightning to white. Shortly after the change to blue. The forums lit up with outrage. That almost never happens… right? :exploding_head:


Actually the nerfs to Sage went something like this:

  1. Explosive shield runes no longer work with lethal barrier. Double blast runes also no longer work. Some replacement runes were provided (can’t remember the exact ones).
  2. All thunderstorm spells got changed from blue over to red. Forum outcry allowed Sage’s thunderstorm spell to be changed to white, since that would allow the useage most similar to how Sage was flown before the change to thunderstorm spells. However Sage’s white thunderstorm spell has less damage output than the red versions of the spell.

Also, when Pixxel originally previewed Sage back near the beginning of that spring season, she said that rejuvinate runes would work on him. Turns out they didn’t. I don’t know if that would be considered part of the “nerfing of Sage” or not.

I’m sure there was more to it than what I’ve listed, but it’s late, and I’m tired.


I loved sage. That was before I knew better tho. :joy:

My main got Fae because that was the first divine on the list and I was brand new to the game. Turns out it was a better decision than getting sage which I did with my alt.

Live and learn eh? :joy:


I wish I had chance to fly Fae…

And no. This isn’t a wish to bring back old dragons. This is a wish to bring back a good old spell


Ice Shock on a hunter would be cool for a change.


Entrap is similar is it not? Just -damage +rage cost but similar