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ice shock is more like a white Frieze with a smaller area (stops projectiles in the air), whereas entrap is more like a lockdown/sand which doesn’t stop a towers attack once it is started.


What mike said


Ah so that is a decently big difference then.


But the freeze effect would be useless against all the elemental towers save the fire turret since they don’t shoot bullets. Plus, doesn’t Ice Shock have a cooldown now? Whereas with Entrap, you can cast it up to 6 times in a row, possibly 7 with a high enough rage gain. Then again, the freeze effect would be perfect for stopping mage supershots. I guess my deciding factor would be if Ice Shock disabled mage effects like Entrap does.


It doesn’t disable mages, but! If it’s cast early enough, it actually can stop flak shots. I’ve done it with cerebro (same base spell of freeze).


Isn’t that true for every projectile spell? It’s all about the timing, you just need to fire it off so it hits when you finish the turn, preventing towers from attacking. The problem is, most projectile spells move really fast, so you need to wait, practically to the last millisecond. And the speeds are varied from spell to spell, so there isn’t an exact time that works for every spell. Plus, connection interruptions can throw your timing off making it even more difficult than normal. I’ve managed a perfect fireball shot twice before where it destroys all 5 towers before they can even fire a single shot, it’s frustratingly difficult but so amazing when you succeed.


There’s a blast from the past…


Freeze spells are easier to do this with than fireball


that particular spell is actually very slow moving…


Really? I haven’t had to use it for a while so I don’t remember. Since the turns are so quick, a slow moving spell would make it harder to aim for the center because you’d have to shoot right as it comes into view on the side of your screen. It’s no wonder I only succeeded twice. Has anyone figuered out the time it takes to complete each turn yet? Comparing that to the air to ground time for each spell could help with the timing.


we are still talking about ice shock right? Yes it would be hard to use if the intent was to hit before Flaks shoot. When that spell was used Flaks didn’t exist though.


You can freeze the flak shot in the air after it’s been fired haha, but yea, you pretty much have to fire on the left side of the spells for the first 5 and 6, and as right as you can get on 2 and 3.



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