Is there any way of getting gold research eggs for less than 700 tokens?

This image shows Mune+Lumen=Ferrox for 289 tokens “As a by product”. I don’t know where it comes from. shows that breed as 824 tokens (expensive). Since they have at least 35 fragments, the breed must cost at least 20*35=700 tokens, so the image is wrong.

The only way of costing less than 700 would be if one could use a discounted breed. E.g. both parents platinum for 6 tokens per fragment, for at least 6*35=210 fragments. The only gold with 35 fragments are Ferrox, Lumen, Basileus, and I can’t find a case with both plat parents.

Is there any way of getting gold research eggs for less than 700 tokens (i.e. neon is incorrect)?

That’s a good question.
But if u can grind bases continuously to get bronze chests, they give the 300 token drop many times when I open ten at a time. So if I were u, I would just grind some xp bases, destroy more and more monuments and get chests.
I get a few thousand every breeding event that way.

I have several 100k tokens each event (and 5340 bronze chests waiting for discount), but I still want to use tokens efficiently.

A note on the neon numbers, those are automatically generated by taking all possible breeds that give an egg of the right tier and then sorting then by cost. So at least there’s no manual steps involved where I could miss a certain combination.

It is of course possible there’s a flaw in the code somewhere, but in that case I would expect more breeding cost information to go wrong, and so far I haven’t had any reports.

One difference from manual lists is that my site only shows the cost of a single egg, and doesn’t pay attention to secondary partial eggs. So if you need many eggs some combos will work out cheaper than shown because every 8 eggs (for example) you get an extra bonus egg from the secondary.


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