Is there going to be a new attempt to balance the game?

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As much as I am glad you decided to back track on the tower Nerf which was part of version 4.0 i dont seem to see where/how you plan to address tower re-balance. As i posted in that other chat i outlined what I think should have been done but i would like to know if you guys actually have a practical plan. As I wrote:

"Dear PG,

Regarding Dark Flax: I understand that you felt the Dark Flak SS was over powered, and in general the fancy towers (flaks, ice and fire) needed a rebalance. They were not well balanced in relation to the older more typical towers. HOWEVER this is NOT how you fix it. SMALL adjustments are all that was required. Fine you don’t want the dark flak at level 56 hitting for almost 8m damage. Then reduce it a LITTLE bit to say 7m and see how that goes. Fix the issue that its base attack stopped gaining power at lvl42. That’s all that needed to be done. But to go from almost 8m down to less than 3m? WTF? What you did was WAY too drastic.

Regarding Fire Flak: You reduced it to be comparable with Archer towers. Yes I know these fancy towers cost more because of the ember requirement but they still cost just as many timers. Archers and fire flak maybe should have similar stats. The fact that fire flak shoots instantly and can’t be dodged with cloak in attrition to it being a tower that does not have an addable resist is what gives it an advantage over archer. And I think that is all the advantage it needs. (I know I will get lash back for saying that). However instead of boosting archer to make it more in line with fire flak (as you should have done), you SIGNIFICANTLY nerfed the flak… wrong approach.

WHAT REALLY NEEDED TO HAPPEN: All the old towers (archers, cannons, trebs, lightning) are really what needed to be adjusted. Do they need to be as strong as these special element towers? No, but they need a boost to make them viable and to be comparable. They are the fundamental towers of the game. The towers everyone from low levels had to build. They need to be useful.

Rebalancing in general: BABY STEPS! You often go to extremes. This balance issue was extreme. Both previous max exp increases were extreme. Just STOP IT! If you don’t know how to rebalance from a practical standpoint (which you clearly don’t), ask the more experienced players in the community. Ask skilled fliers who have been playing for a long time and have experienced all leagues and dragons. Others in this thread have even offered to help test such changes on a test server for you.There are a lot of us out there, and although we don’t always agree we could still help you here. Hell, look at Panda and I. We are notorious for arguing and generally not getting along. But I guarantee you if you asked us both we would have come up with a much more reasonable and practical way to balance this game. And we could probably to it in a matter of minutes.

Way to go PG! at least you were fair to all player by officially pissing us ALL off.

Well that’s my rant on this subject."

Now that you back tracked on the severe Nerf of the dark flak. Other issues still need to be addressed. Farms seem very easy to kill now. Is this intended and will it stay this way? ]

Bases in general (im talking about MAX bases now) seem to be a little on the easy side to kill still. not much but a little. I can manage almost all of them with 1 dragon and im still in Obsidian. What i proposed above would balance this; give a bit of a boost, and i mean only a bit of one, to the basic towers such as Lightning, Cannon, archer and Trebs. Those towers should be better than they are.

What about Warrior and Sorc balancing to make them more viable for the higher tiers? (although this question may be part of a different discussion)

In general after this last update, myself and much of the community in general, would like to know what the plan is going forward so we are not broad sided with whatever you decide to do next. I’m not looking for exact specifics but a general plan and outline. surely you guys must have some idea as to what you are going to do next? please dont say it will be your typical add more tower levels method (as we got 10 for obsidian and we dont need any more). What is your plan to fix the imbalance that is still an issue in this game? answering my questions and giving us a rough plan i think would go a long way in restoring at least some of the faith you lost from the community from this last update.

Thank you,



I like your proposal! Nicely put man! Hope this post doesn’t go away and @PGCrisis shows it to devs.
Most important point i would like to highlight


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I had not seen an announcement that PG will roll back the nerfs. Can you link that?

The greater issue was PG “balanced” towers but did not attempt to balance towers vs dragons, IMO.

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Exactly the two are interconnected.

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You cannot have one without the other.

I believe that having the towers before 4.0 is just fine.

Those bases weren’t perfect but you could defend it.

Now they are just undefendable.

I understand that flaks will get their old supershot back and the cap for normal attacks will be removed.

This means they will slightly nerf the supershots but no one knows what slightly means in PG language.

Old max was (not sure) 8m ss damage new max is 3m.

So I’ll be happy with 6.5-7m.

Then I don’t regret building them as I do now

I agree with most of what you write but I do take slight issue with one thing, asking skilled fliers their opinions, implying only their opinion counts. I think fliers of all skill levels need to be consulted. After all, I don’t want to be told by a skilled flier that so and so base is easy when nobody else (including me) can finish it, that just skews the data too much to one side.

fair enough. I certainly dont expect PG or anyone to completely agree with my thoughts on it. And ‘skilled’ is certainly relative.

Something caused PG to think a re-balance was necessary. I just want them to give us a little insight in to what they think is the issue and what their approach will be. I know i am likely dreaming for any sort of meaningful response form them, but I can always hope. :slight_smile:

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The towers were not fine before. They were tolerable.

Let’s not forget they were being arbitrarily capped and the defense numbers for the base had. No correlation to the actual power of the towers.

All was not well before.

The absence of pain is not necessarily pleasure.

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I think it was more than 8m… i know 56 was 7.42m and 55 was 7.07m…

Regardless i stand by my belief that it is the standard towers (cannons, archers, lightning, trebs) that needed a boost more than anything else. I hate that the over priced elemental towers seem to be the only viable towers these days. the imbalance wasn’t that Flak were over powered as much as normal towers were under performing. The fact that Obsidian’s can solo max bases with lvl 60 towers (when they were initially designed for lvl 55 towers) illustrates this.

I just dont want them to nerf things in an attempt to try to create a demand for towers above level 60 now that Harbringers are out.

Flaks were too OP and too effective( PG made them this way so people will buy them), and it’s effecting the game negatively.
There are two things PG needs to address:

  1. Obsolete old towers like ballista, trebuchet, etc
  2. Monotonous base design of rage island and short base with ice, flaks, and storm.

We have a Sapphire wall for dragon breeding. We don’t need boring base design to kill the enjoyment even more.

Sapphire wall is a seperate issue. And they weren’t that OP. Sure they could use a little tweak but the real issue is that the other towers that are Underpowered IMO.

So first off - I am with you guys 100% - the rebalance was a turd. I also 100% agree that a lot of this could have been avoided had the various tower balance polls been more transparent, and the plan be somewhat discussed prior to the release.

I wonder though, how is it possible to scale up the ‘standard towers’ and simultaneously also make warriors and sorcerers more viable… If you scale up the standard towers, that will leave the warriors and sorcerers even less viable, and there will likely be an outcry of “I spent thousands to build dark flaks and now they’re barely better than archers” (or something of the like)… If you scale up the warriors and sorcerers, the towers will need an even bigger increase in efficacy… And of course we all just saw what happens when they scale things down (although the downward scaling was egregiously sharp)…

I am not saying I have the answer, but because it’s all interwoven it becomes a lot more sticky than just “increase tower X by 10%”… I’d venture to say that it’s going to require a scaling up of some things, down of others - and no matter what, someone will be pissed.

It is complicated. And while there are several ways to approach the issue, because it is complicated and any one of us outside PG doesn’t have all the information, it is extremely time consuming to propose solutions that just get ignored anyway.

I’m not talking about player polls or surveys that result in small ruby awards. I’m talking about the very thoughtful and useful solutions proposed by players here and in the previous forums that have resulted in nothing.


True, it will definately need to be a give/take…

Dark Flaks used to be the #1 tower in the game. Contrastly, Dark Flaks are NOT OP!

Dark Flaks can be easily avoided with the proper dragon and flying skills.

  • Elemental Barrier
  • Cloak (even with a blue mage there - combo with desiccating sand/vine/havoc can avoid it.
  • Invincible Shield
  • Destroy it before it hits you on middle island

They have disadvantages

  • Short Range
  • Slow attack rate (0.4/second)

DF aren’t going to instantly kill you. However, the damage was insanely high. And I am fine with that.


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