Is this a glitch

One of my team members is a level 30 but when you look at her profile it says she’s a level 50, but when you attack her it changes back to her real level of 30. Is this a weird glitch or what?

IF you need the name it’s @ Kazama284Jun

Sometimes there is visual glitchiness.

This can also happen if two accounts are accessed from the very same device - I was told so at least.

@SkylineStrike are you certain that it’s not the case here?

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As stated above this happens to my teammates who use multiple devices to play the same account.

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And its called account bleed by PG

INo I’m not I’m a new player and have no idea what happened if any of you do I would like to know, or even better if you know how to fix it

If she’s a level 30, then the “level 50” you’re seeing is probably some sort of glitch. Is it negatively impacting her gameplay in any way, or is this just an OCD type annoyance. I see levels have visual glitches frequently, could be one.

Not sure what the big deal is though

The biggest impact is during PvP events the base will be worth way more points. Better for other teams, worse for hers.


So you’ve seen this in action before I take it? Does PVP event base their levels off of what it “sees” on the profile and not what their actual level is?

Their points and where they are situated in the listing is based on this glitched level.

When you go to hit them they have their proper base and power rating.

Needless to say if the difference brings them to near the top of their teams list, they get absolutely wrecked in the events.

Gotcha, thanks. I was just curious. I either haven’t hit a glitched player in PVP before or was just oblivious to it.

I once wondered how I found a level 100 stupid base in pvp event! Now I get it :rofl:

I have seen this before too. I’m not one for details, but I always get help for my war runs, so when i hit what I thought was a higher level base for me and breeze through it by myself I go back and check. I have seen bases that appear to be level 160 that are actually level 60s. The first couple I have reported to support. Once I got a response it was a visible issue on my end, even though several team members confirmed to see the same thing, another time was kind of a known issue response. So I just let it go when I see it now.

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:thinking: Let us know what happens when your teammate hits L51. I’ve always been curious to see if that gets it to update, or if it’s stuck at 50 forever.

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I’ve seen it fixed by itself once you hit that level. He won’t be stuck at 50 anymore.

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