Is this a strategy in atlas?


So when my sieger is under attack and has like 2k troops, I can move my sieger back to near by neutral home then process to summon another primarch and the battle result will never appear, sometime I can transfer troop away too.

Attacks and defence not registered at Aligane

Yes it’s called the „coward syndrome“


and if the attacker uses trapper, I can speed up a summoning trapper to get good amount of glory?
How glorious that is


Again it’s not. And it’s not an intended mechanic.


So you felt it necessary to publicly announce you are exploiting a flaw in the game mechanics? Good job!


Honestly it is probably the best way to get it patched up announcing it like this… no need to bash her regardless because it is ultimately PG fault


This was supposed to be patched, but with lag in atlas it hardly works. @pgEcho


Dont you think it wouldnt be an exploit if it is an intended feature?
And I say I can but you twist it by thinking I did. I probably think I can because I read an angry comment of this on lc from an anonymous guy.
You jump in conclusion too fast before understand words :octopus:


Good to know :slight_smile:


Actually I believe this was posted in a couple other threads. She is not the first to mention this. And good for her bringing up what was suppose to be fixed not being fixed.


they fixed the forging so fast thou


Not really… i actually started thinking they made it that way on purpose to stimulate crafting activity amongst the community because i expected it to be corrected at least like a month sooner

Sorry i just realized, did you mean the 2 for price of 1 glitch or the gear rarity loophole?


The patch is a battle In Progress flag, which I doubt is In effect during the invite/banner.

In the past you would kill troops if you moved off, so long as it started and there was troops to get.

And I’ve seen lag allow people to move off still after the battle happened. Presumably due to the client not knowing the battle in progress flag was present yet.


Something strange happened to me a while back in Aligane. Not sure if it is intended or just another messed up bug.

I took 3k with sieger in to Aligane, launch attack and successfully finish. Lost all 3k and killed about 6.5k troops.

If all my troops didnt die (primarch still alive) I’d normally move back to NZ nearby wait a few minutes to make sure no one has launched an attack in between and transfer more troops and repeat.

But in this case, all my troops died and so I re-spawned my primarch immediately after, put in 3k troops and move it to Aligane. Almost immediately after I reached Aligane my primarch was fled with the 3k troops being killed.

The attack that was launch on the primarch that died during my attack was effective on the new one I summoned :man_shrugging: Not sure if this is an intended feature or a bug :roll_eyes: but it was kind of fun, seeing my primarch fleeing soon as it reached Aligane :grin:


I think what probably happened was someone had already started an attack on you while your prim was still alive. You finished your attack so your prim was dead, but the other person was still fighting against your base.

When you sped up your prim and loaded more troops on it, you must have completed that before the person attacking you finished your base. Therefore they killed the newly resurrected prim and all the troops on it.

And since Atlas battles go by when they end and what the prim statuses are at the battle’s end, they were able to kill the revived prim.

This is why I typically try to wait a few minutes between attacks even if my prim does die :hugs: (Though sometimes I fail at the waiting or get extra troops put on my prim when I didn’t mean to so things happen that I didn’t intend :sweat_smile:)

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