Is this ever going to get FIXED?



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It’s bad enough the banks were changed without updating the ledger and including a ‘RECEIVED’ column but there are HOURS - 8 to be exact - MISSING from the weekly ledger! It has been this way for far too long.

I see no mention of it in the 4.94 update. Is it on the radar to be fixed at any point? I would think this would be an easy fix! You changed reset time to 4PM Pacific time, now please change the code on the weekly ledger to start tracking at the same time rather than midnight. Please?!


I would definitely include a ledger overhaul as part of the “player happiness” initiative. Not sure if its been mentioned there already, but it should be.


And move the ledger reset to Tuesday, between events. It’s a logistic nightmare resetting in the middle of an event.


I think it’s been mentioned a few times in the quality of life thread but this is a true bug! The received column yes should be part of the happiness or qualify of life changes but someone obviously screwed up the coding here when they changed the reset time.

I had asked multiple times about a received column, this week I asked twice in the 4.94 thread about this empty window issue, but I never get a response from PG. I see them respond to others but never to these banking issues. :frowning:


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Can someone please address this? It’s very discouraging to not even have issues acknowledged let alone fixed. 8 hours is a HUGE gap and really should be prioritized.


I call it the purge.


PGDave was working on an API to retrieve transaction data into a .csv file. Not sure what the status is as of now. I last played with it back in August or September.


Well that is wonderful news! Do we have to wait until that is complete before the reset time is fixed though?


Wasn’t saying that. Guess I was saying maybe tag him and ask for an update unless someone else knows. It has become less important for me since I am no longer in a position of leadership and we don’t really have issues (too often).

I got busy in RL so I haven’t done anything with it either.


@PGDave Could we get an update please :slight_smile:


Yes, hope to hear an answe fro PGon this topic soon!


Welcome to the forums! :hugs:


Hi everyone,

We’re planning on doing an overhaul of the Banking Ledger soon, so your feedback here is super helpful to us. The issues you mentioned above will be addressed. Feel free to post any other feedback you have for the Banking Ledger here and we’ll consider it during our development.

Thanks! :chipmunk:


Show in the ledger how many resource were received by each player from the bank. That’s easily number one for me.


Number 2 would be have a 1 week or preferably a 2 week rolling ledger instead of having the whole thing blacked out for the “weekly summary” tab for a long period…


Having a notes section in the ledger would be nice too


Thank you for the reply @PGSqurl. For me the main issue is the major void we have currently with nothing being captured in the weekly ledger for the first 8 hours after reset. I would hope this is something that could be fixed sooner rather than later.

As a part of the complete overhaul it would be extremely helpful to have a ‘received’ column so we can see not only what a person has donated but what they have received regardless of who sent it to them.

Being able to export it to excel or a csv file would be a bonus.

Please keep us updated. :slight_smile:

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